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Introducing our new Addiction: Alcohol/Drug Rehab Community


Please visit our new Addiction: Alcohol/Drug Rehab community for topics including alcohol/drug rehab centers or programs, sharing rehab stories, long term recovery post-rehab, or to offer support

Addiction: Alcohol/Drug Rehab community :  

For all other Addiction: Substance Abuse discussions, we  look forward to your continued posts on this community.


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How long has this been avaialable?
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just started august 9th
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I think medhelp is diluting a strong addiction community by beginning so many new  forums. Why bother? Whats next? A forum for addicted pet owners of maltese puppies? A forum for left handed oxy addicts who drive a Toyota Prius or maybe a new forum for red headed benzo fiends with a penchant for ballroom dancing?

Nope, I really think the community is being spread far too thin and never the twain (two addicts searching for support) shall meet.   As it is, many posts in the other "addiction" forums can go hours/days without a attracting a single meritable response.

Anyways there's my 2 cents.
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i agree with Jeremy here... it is better to concentrate than to disperse, i would think but anyway, hope the new forum will help ...
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I think there are different stages of addiction sub abuse has become great for the beginning stages of addiction but rarely does it really discuss long term recovery for those that have been in recovery for a while . I also think it just as important for loved ones of addicts to have a place to speak to others going threw the same . .

its a brand new forum that will discuss rehab choices and rehab and long term recovery.Both for people who have gone threw rehab and other member that have been in recovery and help keep the skills to stay in recovery
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i'm not sure why there needs to be another forum, either. it seems rehab and drug addiction go hand-in-hand and to separate the two seems illogical...but who knows, maybe i am the minority and it will be helpful to others.
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Hey everyone -

Just give it a chance and see how it goes.  We know change is hard, but we'd sure appreciate it if you gave it a try.

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donewitis and freshstart01 - Please post your questions in the Rehab Community - http://www.medhelp.org/forums/Addiction-Alcohol-Drug-Rehab/show/1232

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Is there a plan to merge this with The Addiction Recovery Group? They seem similar.
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