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Is Memory and Learning Impairment from Cocaine use permanent?

I have been using cocaine for the last 2 years, consuming an average of 2-3 grams per week.  I was always known to be a quick thinker and innovative in the thought process.  I have always dreamed big and excelled in my profession with bigger goals to achieve.  However, it wasnt until 1 week ago that I realized that my memory and analytical motors became impaired without warning.   Had I felt the slightest effects, I would have quit immediatelty as I would never risk 20 mins of pleasure for a successful and bright career.  As soon as I noticed the effects, I quit the use of cocaine permanently.  In fear that the impairment is permanent, I did alot of research on Google in hopes that the effects can be reversable or treatable from supplements and medical attention.  The research wasn't encouraging and I have deep regrets for the abuse that had occured as it might have had a detrimental impact to my once promising career.  Work has been hell for the past week and the impairments have affected my work performance as the analytical and memory functions have become impaired.  The symptoms I am currently experiencing are difficulty in concentration and analyzing thoughts in a quick manner.  The attention span has become reduced and I am fearful that the condition might not improve. I went to the local vitamin shop and purchased the following supplements in hopes to boost memory and mental clarity:
DLPA, CDP CHOILNE, 5HTP, L-Tyrosine, and Gingko.  I've been taking the supplements for 3 days and I don't really feel any improvements in memory and learning functioning.  Maybe it's just wishful thinking but I am hoping and praying that through prolonged abstinence that the cognitive impairements can be recovered or somewhat improved.  Is there any medical treatment to aide in the recovery process?  Will impairments improve after time? I need answers! I am so afraid that I might have blown my once promising career away as people from work have realized my my underperformance.  I even had thoughts of resigning today as I am currently unable to performing work functions that require analyzing new material.  I need answers!  I will take any action that is required that can improve the cognitive functions!  Any feedback or info would be appreciated.
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Vitamins will take longer to have any effect.  You probably won't be as sharp as you once were but you will gain some back.  I know exactly how you feel.  My brain functioning and speech are both impaired from use.  Keep up the vitamins and have some patience.  Good luck
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Can u tell me about your prior use history and the exact effects you've felt.  How long have you quit?  How bad was your condition?  How much did it improve from prolonged abstinence?  How long did it take to for learning and memory motors to recover?  Please advise.
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I wouldnt make any big decisions regarding your job right now.  Give yourself some time to clean out your system and start feeding your body some healthy foods and supplements.  The memory thing will get better with time.  Most of us have experienced this and it does get better.  The "foggy" feeling is irritating and uncomfortable but does pass.  I would also highly recommend some sort of recovery care as coke is well known to play some real head games with people.  That will also help clear your head......sara
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Well honestly my speech seems to not have improved.  I haven't touched coke in about a year but replaced it with legal speeds.  My brain functions have improved though.  Still not as quick a thinker as I used to be though.  I used coke for about 5 years on a regular basis.  Taking X, acid, and mushrooms at the same time.  That probably plays a major role in my loss too.  Just be patient.  There are adult learning games you can play to get your thinking going again.  Exercise your brain.
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