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Is Mersyndol addictive?

I have been taking two mersyndol caplets on a nightly basis and since stopping have experienced feelings of nausea, sleeplessness, anxiety, some depression, headaches, and itchy skin.  Are they addictive, and are these withdrawal symptoms?
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Hello and welcome...

"Mersyndol is a brand name for the combination of acetaminophen, codeine, and doxylamine used for relief of headache, cold symptoms, neuralgia, and muscular aches/pain."  

The codeine is an opiate and highly addictive!  The Doxylamine is listed as an antihistamine - something that help many people sleep. Stopping this suddenly could be the cause of your itching and insomnia.  Stopping the codeine could be the cause of your nausea, anxiety, depression and again, insomnia.  

What you are experiencing are all withdrawal symptoms, and normal.  These symptoms will get better with time, so please hang in there.  

Please keep talking to us for support...

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For your anxiety, sleeplessness and headache, I would recommend some sleepy time tea at bedtime. It is very relaxing and has something in it that makes you sleepy (something that is not addictive). And also melatonin will help you relax and sleep. As for the itchy skin, try taking some OTC benedryl, the antihistimine that is in the mersyndol could be causing the itchiness since you are not taking it anymore. Benedryl also helps with sleep, but I've heard of people getting addicted to that also taken in large quantities so if it were me, I would take some for itchy feeling but not many and quit taking it as soon as I didn't need it anymore. I'm not really famiiliar with the mersyndol, but I just came off Norco 72 days ago, and the physical withdrawals lasted about 3-5 days. Just don't let fear in.
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