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Is NOT about me!!!!!

I just wanted to say I am so blessed and grateful for this community. Also to all my new friends. So-often I can get so consumed with how I am feeling. My heart has always ached for all of us that are in the same boat. I am here today to not really concentrated on how little sleep I got, or really how I am feeling. I am here to say that I am praying for everyone to have strength and for there recovery. Please, if you wish for any specific prayer, just ask. I will be very happy to. God Bless You Always!
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Pray that I don't lose my kids.
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Oh my...I that what is bothering you?I understand your fears and anxiety.I don't know what to say except that stay on the wagon and things will work out somehow.
My thoughts and hugs are with you during this time.
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I read some of your profile and Congratulations on six months clean! You wrote that you still don't feel normal, about how close to normal do you feel (50%, 75%, 90%)?
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