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Is ambien safe to use while detoxing from opiates?

Hey was wanting to see if anyone could shed some light on this for me. I have been up 51 straight hours with one nap in between, and I have a full work day ahead of me and really in need of SOME sleep. Anyways detoxing from hydrocodien today is day 25 I've been off opiates, and didn't want to risk taking something that can affect my healing process. My uncle gave me 2, he knows my current situation and it said ambien wasn't an opiate and could help. I'm not looking to use it everynight or anything but I'm running on 4 weeks of almost no sleep.

He also gave me 1 (lunesta) in case the ambien didn't work. I know we're not suppose to take any other drugs but im in need of sleep. Anyways will this be okay? Will one night affect anything? Really want to take an ambien before bed I've never done one before so any tips are appreciated.
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I have been taking zoplicone for years.  My doctor told me to continue all my other meds during detox from oxyneo.  To be perfectly honest, they are not doing a thing!  I have a Fitbit that tracks my sleep and on average I get an hour and 15 mins sleep a night.  I don't even think I get that.  No sleep in 11 days for me no matter what I do.  I think it's just a matter of time before our brains allow us to shut down.  Detox is stress and stress equals no sleep.  Patience is the only cure.
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Have you tried melatonin? I took it through my detox,it did work but not for awhile. It takes some time to build up in your system. I know you're so tired,I remember all to well. But I don't know if you should take the ambien? Just so many side effects with script drugs,and it wasn't prescribed for you. Or have you even tried Otc sleep aids?
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Max, I wanted to add that I will be going through withdrawal all over again to get off Zoplicone once I am strong enough.  These sleep aids are as bad as opiates.  They say they are not addictive because the clinical trial is only four weeks. Yet some studies have shown you can get addicted in only a week.  If I were you I would give those little pills back.
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You could be opening a huge can of worms w/ ambien. Will 2 hurt you? No. If you like ambien, you could be at risk  trading one addiction for the other.

Yes, if you haven't tried melatonin, do it. I take it. Seems to work. But, the biggest thing is that sleep will come back. It's just takes a while. By, 25 days you should be getting SOME sleep, 4 hours a night I would think. Make sure you are drinking no caffeine at all during this!
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ambien is the worst drug for an addict.  Like most of us opiod addicts we are used to taking more than the normal dose.  I had ambien during recovery and I would take one and decide its not working and then take another then another.  I would have the worst blackouts.  One night I had taken the whole bottle and woke up in the er not remembering anything.  I was commited for 24 hour psyc hold.  I got into more trouble on ambien than any other drug.  I would recomend to any addict to stay far away from them
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I've lierally had 2 nights with 4 hours of sleep in the last 25 days lol. Yes I tried melatonin twice 5mg and it sucked, i literally laid there for hours patiently awaiting. I have taken trialzolom before but just a couple times but that's been years. I've always had sleep issues since the opiate, though I was high I didn't care about sleep. So I never taken sleep aids, and it wasn't prescribed to me. I'm not worried about swapping addiction just didn't want one night to throw me off mentally with recovery
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Please don't start on the Ambien!!! That's one of the worst drug on the market as far as I'm concerned. Try the Nyquil in the gel form. The  one without the flu and cold meds. I think you will find it works well. All of your sleep aids are habit forming so use as little as you can. God Bless
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MM STAY away from that Ambien .. do your self a favor and overload on the melatonin it will work if you try plus there is this SMELLY pill called valerian root all natural just swallow a couple but stay away from RX sleep aids good luck
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Yessss  the not sleeping is awful!!!  And it is really hard when you have to work the next day!!!  I have found that melatonin works pretty well for me.  I have ones that are 10 mg and I take one about a half hour before bed.  I also found one called Sleep made by Hylands and that works pretty well too!  Our bodies get used to them though so they are not so good to take every night!
Ambien and Lunesta are called "Z Drugs" and are very similar to benzos.  They have the same WDs as benzos if taken for a period of time.  That time is different for people but anywhere from one week to 4 weeks and your body becomes physically addicted to them and the WD is HELLISH!  So I would say try to stay away from them!!!  Our bodies, as addicts, tend to "like" something and then our minds just say "Oh, go ahead, keep on taking it".  I am afraid that if you you took it once or twice and it worked that the addict brain would start to play those games and you would end up with another addiction.
I suggest to try the melatonin or other suggestions from above first and see if they help you before you make a decision to take the Ambien!!
Hang in there and congrats on 25 days!!!!
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I've taken ambien and lunesta.  All sorts of problems with ambien including abuse.  None of those issues with lunesta.  It's still a hypnotic and anyone taking them should be educated about the drug and cautious about its use.
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I've taken ambien and lunesta.  All sorts of problems with ambien including abuse.  None of those issues with lunesta.  It's still a hypnotic and anyone taking them should be educated about the drug and cautious about its use.
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