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Is coming off opaites without WD possible?

I spent 4 months in the hospital with a collapsed lung years back on a push button morphine drip every 15 minutes. Being prescribed the highest dose allowed and even expressing my concern of being an addict. The doctors took me off the push button morphine 10 days before release and I went to oral hydrocodone 10mg 4 times a day. And was prescribed hydrocodone 10mg 3× a day after release. At that time I never even finished the prescription. What I'm saying is, it is possible to come down off high power drugs without WD if done appropriately. To have that feeling of morphine hit my body and feel that warm feeling I was hooked. The doctors were able to ween me off within 10 days before release without any complications. Following a strict guideline to coming off opaites can be achieved without WD can be accomplished but it has to be followed. I was regulated in the hospital but I could have easily went to the streets after being released. It doesn't take months or years on a "methadone or Suboxone" therapy program it takes having the RIGHT doctors and willingness. I'm only sharing a part of my past at taking morphine doses Every 15 to 20 minutes around the clock for almost 4 months. The mind plays powerful tricks and especially in a forum like this where so many talk about having WD effects amplifies the willingness to even try. Cold turkey is one thing but being under a doctors care it shouldn't take any time to detox safely no matter all the horrible thing's anyone has said! I'm an example but I followed doctors orders but not the paid doctor that tries to string things out for year years like a methadone clinic or Suboxone doctor. This is only my opinion!!
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I think there is different levels of wds ,  some people might not even notice the minor ones, but i believe there are some sort of side effects when stop taking any medication espically if was long term. The body becomes dependent on it, when i came off of methadone i did it slow and tapered, i only seen the minor wds, i slept every nite, had no anxiety, just ended up with stomach troubles, bathroom issues. oh and i sneezed alot. I didnt get the crawling skin, burning , no bad pains, just a few back pains but could of been cause i was laying around all day, waiting for these wds to come, but what i found out is that the mind is very powerful and with a positive attitude you can diminsh most of what you THINK you are feeling. You must also consider everyone is different , are bodies handle different drugs or lack of , in many ways.  I stayed on the methadone because of the horror stories and was told time and time again, that only 1 percent make it off, im now 240 days clean and never felt better, dont even know if that percent is true , but when i decided it was time, i was determined to be that 1 percent. My therapist would tell me dont listen to those stories, and i would always say , well there has to be some merit to what they are saying, she would reply, they didnt do it correctly. So there is some sense to what you are saying , i just dont think you can make it out with any, i tapered and still had minor. but hey im no doctor just know what i went thru. Take your Blessing and never look back.
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