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Is insomnia normal for days 13 after no pain RX ?

Date 13 and I think I slept an hour last night. I am so sluggish and Nauseous  trying to keep up with my kids. My husband thinks that I should be  okay by now (and oh boy, so do I) , but he's never been through this. Off and on for over seven years with increasing amounts of heavy pain meds for numerous injuries that I became dependent on then.  I tapering way down to 15 mg of short acting morphine from 680 but still had horrible horrible withdrawals I went through it home.  
I always assumed it was horrible for five days and then you got back to normal for the most part. I still can't eat it and I'm so tired but now insomnia has set in. I'm exhausted but I just can't sleep. I've never had that problem before. Sleeping was like a sport for me.  I know recovery is different for everybody, but is it realistic to think a year from now I might start to feel normal? Whatever that is? How the hell do I hang onto that?
I know I need not think this way but it just keeps coming to me. I hate feeling so weak and tired like I have the flu and can't eat.  I'm only on the 13th day pill free and I have no desire to ever put a pill in my mouth again. It is pure poison. I just don't know how to be a mom and wife etc. in this condition for the next year.  Any info/insight/encouragement? Would be greatly appreciated and potentially life-saving. Peace and thank you to all whom may even consider responding
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Hi I have detoxed from several habits and I keep coming back to your threads because you are one of the ones like me who takes a little longer than 5 days to get back to normal. I just really want to reiterate that it is more normal than you think to not be feeling good at all at 13 days. I want to reassure you to just stick it out for another 5-7 days. It always took me around 21 days to see the light. I really really think you will be feeling NOTICEABLE improvement by then. I could not get clean for the longest time because I could not get past the first 20 something days and I thought that this is just the way I was going to feel forever. That is not true. Healing from opiate abuse is a biological process and you WILL ALWAYS improve over time. I don't know of one single person who stayed clean and did not get their energy and sleep back. I don't think that you will be the first. lol    Just hang in there friend and drink protein shakes like muscle milk or eas. They will help support your neurotransmitters as you heal.  Congratulations on those hard 13 days. you can do this
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I fully agree with Ric. Please stick it out a little longer. Things crawl at a snail's pace when you are in early detox/recovery. It will get better and time will start to speed up a little. You were on an extremely high dose of Morphine, and you have been using opiates for years, so that has to be taken into consideration. Don't get discouraged that you aren't healing as quickly as others, or as quickly as you think you should. We are all different, and progress at our own rates. Try to look back at how far you have come since day 1. I know the sleep is still fleeting, but how are the other physical symptoms? That has always been what helps to drive me. Being able to reflect on what progress I have made. I hope things start to look up for you very soon and that you start to get some zzz's! Congrats on day 13 and keep fighting!
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Sleep was a major issue for me as well after a 7 year addiction to Vicodin, there is an over the counter medication called zee-quill it's non habit forming and zee-quill worked for me, good luck for making it this far, hang tough you can do this.
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I posted on your other thread, if you only follow one at a time we can follow your story easier. You went to meetings before, this is why they say 90 meetings the first 90 days. It takes awhile. Morphine shouldn't take a year to recover from morphine, but we are all different. On the other hand, it took me 18 months to recover mostly from methadone and it is still totally worth it. This acute part will pass before long. Like that say, never give up right before a miracle. Amino acid shakes, electrolyte, vitamins, healthy diet, and keep moving as much as you can. I paced the back yard when I couldn't go in public. Hang in there, it will get better and be totally worth the worst of it.
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