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Is it possible to do a slow detox off Suboxone?

I went thru a Detox program at an IV Detox place in Woodland Hills, CA. 2 years ago.  You get the IV hook up and go thru the diarrhea for 2 days until all opiates are out of the system. Then they put you on Sub and immediately begin tapering you down from Day One. Unfortunately I had to move away immediately and got back on Norco, but have been self dosing with Sub for 6 months from 2mg to 1mg a day now. I need to quit, but it's tough. Is there such a thing as a detox off Suboxone using the IV bags or not.
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Unless you plan on going into some sort of inpatient treatment then no.  Have you thought about getting some help with a therapist or NA?  We have to deal with the real reasons we use, not the quick fix of getting off the meds.  Using is only a symptom of what you have going on.
I agree. I do go to NA and AA, however, I have fybromyalgia and a torn rotator cuff and other painful ailments. I want to quit so as not to be hooked at 1mg a day. and then do like .1275 forever to kill my chronic pain. I cant walk without it. and I don't want pills.
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Yeah it's just what get expensive it's like 10 grand
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