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Is suboxon good for someone on narcotics for 13 years

I've been suffering with chronic pain for 13 years straight.ive had implanted morphine pumps with oxys for breakthrough pain. I recently was on 120 mgs of oxys a day and 4 mgs of diludids 4 times a day my pain Dr just went. On maternity leave so I been seeing another pain Dr which stopped those meds and started me on savella I don't know which is worse the withdrawals or the pain I've been told to find a Dr that will put me on suboxon and that will help with the withdrawals and the pain
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The best suggestion I have for someone with long term chronic pain (such as my wife had, she was on pain meds for 10 years, accidentally died from them) is read chapter 1 of the book "The Brain's Way of Healing: Remarkable Discoveries and Recoveries from the Frontiers of Neuroplasticity" by Norman Doidge, M.D., which explains how pain comes from the body map of the body in the brain, and chronic pain can come from there, and can be cured by forcing the brain to unwire the pain by insisting that something else is more important, and the brain has limited real estate, and something else next to the body map needs more real estate, and that something else will take over the real estate currently being used to generate pain and use it for it's own purpose, freeing the patient of pain. Takes 4 months of intense and persistent mental visualization exercises but there have been remarkable success stories. Also a professor at UCSB Paul Hansma, department of physics, has a website "New Hope for overcoming chronic pain and restoring activity". He overcame his own chronic pain using the same technique and is now telling others about it. (Unfortunately my wife died 2 years before this was discovered. I'm passing it on to others suffering. This is what we were looking for when she was alive.)
Hello,  I know doctors won't treat methadone patients with Suboxone until they're down to 20 mg/ day. I don't think 20 mgs of methadone would equal what your first Dr was giving you. Lean on the members here to help you get through it.
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