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Is taking one percocet a day helping or hurting..

Okay so a little back story.. I've been addicted to opiates for a few years now, using anything from percs to H.
The longest clean time I've had in all the time I've been using was 6 days.. I've never been able to handle the detox and withdrawl symptoms.
For the last 2 months or so I've mainly been using only percs 5mg (can't get any higher mg in ontario) and I've been snorting about 10-15 a day.
Since Sunday morning I've only taken one a day when I can no longer handle the sickness. I guess what I'm asking is, by snorting that one a day am I just dragging this out?
Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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You have to taper down some way. But eating it will last longer in your system.
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You do not, "have to taper down some way".

Some people swear by tapering others say that quitting cold turkey was the only way they could do it.  Personally cold turkey was the only thing that worked for me.  As an addict I was never able to have access to pills and not just take em.

You should use whichever method is most effective for you.  If you've tried tapering and failed you might consider changing tactics.

Have you tried NA or AA or any kind of meetings or counseling?  Almost everyone I know who has significant clean time indicates that aftercare is necessary.
Fortunately I haven't had access to the pills, it has been a family member giving me one when I start getting real bad.
I have already some NA meetings that are semi close to where I live. When I'm over the withdrawls I do plan on attending.
But do you think with only taking the one a day I am just dragging out the withdrawals? I had my last perc at 10pm last night and as far as I know I can't get anymore.
I hate to tell you how you should do it but my personal opinion is that the withdrawals suck so much I'd rather just get em over with.  Taking one a day will just drag out the length of time that you have the wds.  They'll be less severe but when you stop the one a day you'll have to do through them then too.  

Tapering means less severe withdrawals over a longer period of time.  

I know it ***** but if you tough it out for a week to ten days you'll be through the worst of the physical parts.  

Hang in there man.
So far I'm sitting at about 39hrs and honestly don't feel too bad. I even had the energy to make toast and eggs... which normally I can't even get out of bed at this point. Not going to lie, I'm really hoping that by tapering for a few days it's maybe not going to be as bad?
I'm sure using less for a few days has helped.  How are you doing today man?
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Hi, Jordan. I agree w/ Danny. There is no free lunch w/ detox. We have to go through it no matter what. Snorting makes the wds more intense than swallowing. And yes, one pill a day is prolonging the agony. It's also a mental crutch. If you are ready to quit, make sure have ZERO access to any (block ph #s, make sure no family members cave in etc.) And as stated, get into a program. AA or NA asap. I'm glad you've started. That's great. Even if you feel like crap, I would go. The addict's mantra is "I'll do it tomorrow" and you know where that gets us. So go anyway. You only need to sit in a chair for an hour. You can do that even if you feel like crap. And get a sponsor immediately.

Keep posting! We can walk you through detox as well.
The hardest thing always has been that there is absolutely no way for me to get zero access. As a family member I take credit of hands them out like candy, even when I ask them not to.
But so far I'm at about 32ish? Hours without anything.. and honestly I don't feel too sick. I even slept a full 10 hours last night. So I'm hoping that by just taking the one for the first few days, that maybe I passed the worst of it? Because during those first few days, after about 7-10 hours I felt like complete hell. My entire body hurt.
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When we are truly DONE we make big changes. We set boundaries and get tough. You are going to have to let your family members know you are an addict, and if they care about you, they will keep all pills away from you. People have gotten locks on their stash. We have to go to any lengths to stay clean. Once you are immersed in meetings, this will become clearer to you.

Yes, you are supposed to feel like hell right now. You are right in the middle of it. Keep going. You will get to the other side if you stay strong.
The family member does know I am an addict, I made it clear to her at the beginning of December, but at that point in time I wasn't really ready to get clean.
I have suggested getting a safe for the house for her to keep them in and she said "she'll think about it".. even after I said I'll pay for the safe.
But not going go lie.. I feel like im cheating just with how okay I feel. I don't even know if that makes sense.. but I don't feel like complete ****. I'm sweaty as hell, and weak.. but other than that I feel okay.
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So a bit of an update.. I'm about 43 hrs in and I really don't feel to bad. Normally around this time is when I feel like complete hell and I'm vomiting, have the runs,  have the shakes, and find it difficult just moving from a hot tub into my bed. But I was actually able to have a shower, straighten my hair, and cook some eggs. I'm sweating like crazy, and am extremely weak.. but in all I don't feel too bad!
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Hey, enjoy the fact that you don't feel too bad!!!
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Slept for a straight 8 hours last night, didn't wake up once. Stomach isn't in the best of shape today, but still I could be feeling soo much worse right now, that I can't even really complain.
The mental aspect of it seems to be what I'm struggling with most right now.
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Jordan, go to a meeting. That's what the mental part is for.
Congrats on your clean time.
Meetings, counseling, church,
You need as much support as possible.
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