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Is there a right reason to use extacy?

I need an opinion..... my boyfriend was in a very serious work accident 3 years ago. He was crushed from the waist down but has made a very remarkable recovery. He was left unable to walk more than a few feet without getting extreamly tired and sore. Recently I have found out that he uses extacy to increase his endurance. He tells me he uses it to go for a walk or clean the house, both of which he would be unalbe to do without the drug without getting very tired and having to stop. I am having trouble with it because I can not put myself in his situation. I have tried to look past it but I don't know when I should start to worry. I have found bags of pills hidden under clothes and more recently I found out that he is now crushing them and sniffing them. When i try to talk to him about it - he gets very angry and tells me I'm not his mother. What should I do?
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Welcome...there is a lot of help and support here.
BAGS of pills hidden under clothes?
Crushing +snorting=BIG problem!!
I think you know the answer to your question...you are already worrying, as you shoudl be.You need to try to talk to him and let him know you're concerned, an dtha tyou would like to help him..without being accusatory. The problem is, he has to be the one who wants to stop. Can you get him to come on here and read?
Good luck..and keep posting! We're here to help you ....
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No he would never come on here and read...... he doesn't think he has a problem. Anytime I mention it he just gets angry and doesn't want to talk about it. There's alot of factors that make it dificult.... during his hospital stay me and his parents had a falling out. They blamed me for his accident cause we were living together and he was working to pay rent for "our house". I don't even know who to go to for help in this situation. He wont go to his doctor to talk about his issues..... he wont talk to me..... his parents would a) not believe me or b) blame me. To top it all off - we moved an hour away from all of our friends and family for his school. I'm afriad if I leave it be or leave him due to his mood swings and problems then I am abandoning him. I just really don't know what to do.....  
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Exctacy for an injury?? Was it prescribed?? LOL I don't think so. I do know what he is going through and my wife says she would rather have me mentally here than have me cleaning house walking the mall with her etcetera. Don't let him pull the wool over your eyes. I think he might just like to roll and does X for that reason. Just my opinion but I am sure some agree with me. Hang in there and if her don't want to be clean he won't be not for anyone other than himself...
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yeah x was made by the government at first but for nothing like that theres other things that are alot safer than taking that that will make him feel beter
x isnt safe considering there are spunk pills out there that you can od off of the gov dont make them any more there just made by drugs deals ect.

they were made for like marige counsoling for you and your spouse to roll together and bond
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He didn't use it before the accident and he only likes to use it by himself. He hasa cabnit of morphine and other prescribed drugs which he never takes.....

I know he wont stop until he wants to..... my issues are: How do you know when to walk away and when to help?  and Do I tell someone else in his family or do I stay out of it?
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Hey, i have heard of MDMA(ecstacy) being used for terminal cancer patients in order help them deal with mortality issues, in a psychotheraputic setting however....not daily use though.  But in all the stories i've read about this, the patient, even if currently taking high doses of narcotics for pain, remarks during the MDMA session, that "it's the first time they actually feel no pain at all"...now i'm no expert but i believe they may be doing research on the pain-blocking effects of MDMA.....it makes sense that it would give him more energy, because it's a borderline amphetamine/psychadelic....i would be curious to know how much he takes....perhaps he snorts it in order to administer smaller doses, not have a full blown roll, because during the my experiences with MDMA the last thing i wanted to do was clean the house...  or maybe, if he's a daily or regular user, his tolerance has just gotten too high....and the pills you found? were they E??  or some perscription narcotic or stimulant like adderall?  Either way you look at it he's deffinatley in trouble...
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Estacy was made and used for counseling patients in marriage counseling. It allowed them to open up and have no inhibitions. Then it made its way to the bars and clubs people started to abuse it of course. Estacy will make you very depressed the day or two after you use it. It has been linked to suicides and is very addictive.
I believe the governement stopped making it many years ago. I know it is illegal and there are some bad mixes of it out there.
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It was xtc - It's hard for me to know how much he does it because he doesn't seem high when he takes it - I never thought of his controlling the doesage. That's the problem..... he wont talk to me and he hides it so I don't know how much or how often he is using it. I don't even know if I should be worried or not..... I just think if he's hiding it then he must think its a problem.
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This reply is more about the parent issue, I don't know anything about extacy. I'm in the same situation with hubby's maternal side of the family. He had an accident years ago, and of course, it was my fault because I was a stay at home mom we had a furious falling out. She even tried to take our kid away from us--she failed of course, I wouldn't
discuss anything with them, it's none of their business unless your boyfriend chooses it to be. Your hunch is right about them blaming you, and it would just stir up more trouble. Just try to encourage him but don't be too pushy, and maybe he'll come to his senses. But if he doesn't, then you'll have to make the choice of how you want to live the rest of your life, and just don't look back, that will drive you crazy! Every one of us is responsible for our OWN actions.
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if he has been using it on a daily basis  thats some of the reason why he feels like junk when he dont take it cause the day after you roll you feeel blah like nothing you no no emotion ect i couldnt imagin doin X weaks or months on end
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I'd let him know how you feel and if he wants to continue with you and have a future to try to maintain a bit better. There are alot of people living with crazy injuries and don't use X. Gicve him a chance to stop and then if he chooses not to then you should make up your mind where you want to be and what you want. Hang in there.
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Thank you for your advice.... it's helping alot. Just talking to him last night he confused me when he said "I took X the other day and acctully went for a walk for the first time in 3 years...... how can you want to take that away from me?" But you are right..... there are MANY people living with injuries and not relying on X. Thanks!
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well if he doesn't appear to be "high"...then either he's a daily user, has a major tolerance,  or he is only snorting small amounts at a time for the amphetamine effect....because if he was in a full blown roll then you would definetly be able to tell...pupils fully dialated, raised body temp, sweating, feeling of love/euphoria, etc.- if you want to learn more about MDMA check out erowid.com(filled with info, it might be erowid.net or erowid.org) either way though, it's bad news....First of all, it aint cheap, not to mention MDMA can seriously mess with his seritonin system, hell all of his neurotransmitters....he could end up being depressed for the rest of his life...i hope you can get him to talk about all this...if nothing else, print out the info you learn at erowid and give it to him...show him that you know what he's doing and you're concerned...let him read the info and hopefully that will help...but seriously, there's nothing you can do to help him unless he wants to help himself....
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I would love to talk to you more in depth - i have never met anyone in the same situation..... this has been on going for 3 years. I'm only 22 so its a very hard situation for me.
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Thank you! I will try that..... I will try anything at this point.
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And you believe that story.........That has to be one of the best one's I've heard in a while.  Ecstasy he should be getting from you, not a pill.  I'm not trying to make a joke out of your question....the answer is NO!!!!  That stuff is bad news. He has no excuse for using that cr ap.  


NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO..........
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MDMA is the most dangerous drug (or combination of drugs)...
There really is no way to know what you are getting as each roll is made differently.  The brains of xtc users has a hole eaten in it...not necessarily heavy users.
That drug can do irreversible damage - it has a major effect on brain chemistry.  Using that drug frequently would make anone feel bad.  If he would read info regarding the dangers perhaps it would help, but if he feels this is a valid form of therapy...he sees no problem.  
How does he think a doctor would respond to this?
Best of luck, I hope you can help him through this
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whats in a e pill?????
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MDMA, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, Special K, any kind of tranq, or ant-depressant pills sometimes.  I have seen pure MDMA being made before and the stuff that they put in there will literally and physicall BLOW your mind.  There is no way to even relate X and dosing it.  It is an illegal street drug.  There is no measured amount unless you call rationing pills measuring.  E will really make you feel empty the day afterwards and seriously depressed like there is nothing good in the world.  I know from first hand expeirience.  I've also found it almost nearly impossible to reason with people on E, Meth, or any stimulant.  They want to be tucked away in there own world shut off from everything because in a lot of people it increases the high and physcidelic factors that the drug plays on the mind.  If you can try and reason with him when is not using.  Talking to him while he is rolling and it seems he is all the time, is not going to get through, he is just going to write it off.  I'm sorry this is happening to you, and I hope that it gets better.  Keep posting and keeping us updated.
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After reading through this im shocked about how little is actually known by the general public about extacy. Extacy (the pill) is a pressed powder (MDMA/unknown cut drug) which the makeup in pretty much unknown unless testes with a kit. The pills are rarely made up of MDMA. They are normaly "cut" with other drugs like coke which are cheaper to obtain increasing volume. What you really have to ask yourself with anyone in a situation like this is if the drug itself is the problem. It really never is. psychology would state that addiction is a disease. Break the word disease down you get dis-ease. People who use drugs in an abusive manor have an amount of dis-ease in their life which is to them un-copable without outside chemical dependency. This is so they can "escape" and have the feeling of well being again. The wholeness. He needs help, this isnt something people get over by themselves because dealing with things by themselves it what put them in the cycle of abuse to began with.
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If he is snorting pills it sounds as if he has multiple addictions.  Extacy has very bad effects on the brain and I would strongly advice him to stop taking them.
Good luck sweet lady and God Bless you
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The best thing you can do is educate yourself and gather as much information as you can and then present it to him.I would wait and when you think he is in a good mood or at least a mood where you know he may listen then I would give it to him.Go to the site that joshthejunky gave you and print out all the info,also if he wont come here and read print it out and leave it somewhere he will see it.If you do all that and he still won't quit then you need to do what is best for you.If people talk bad about you or say you abandonded him you will know better.You will know that you did all you could to help him.Does his family know he does this all the time?If so what do they think???
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from someone who was addicted to e.

your right to be concerned, once a person starts curshing&snorting, they need the high and faster.
snorting it goes right to the brain, therefore you feel the high within 10min, rather then just popping it, and waiting up to an hour to feel the high.
you need to be supportive, and not blow up at him or threaten him.
if you've never been stuck on the pill you can't truly understand why people do it.
e makes you feel extremly happy, like your ontop of the world.
but if you use it frequently it stops your brain from being able to produce the "happy" chemical in the brain by itself.
therefore you are depressed without it.
if he started using after his accident, you might want to think why hes using it? i know when i and a lot of my friends, the reason we used it was it was an escape when things were going badly.
he may feel depressed from not being able to live his normal life anymore.

e is a very dangerous drug. 1 in 5 pills that you take you have a chance of dieing or having a bad reaction, not to mention is messes with your spinal fluids, causing back problems. he does need help. if you can't get him to see that he needs help alone, try getting backup. if you have a support system well talking to him, he feels more vulnerable. try sitting down and talking with him, with his friends or siblings if you aren't close with his parents. keep it postitive and keep reminding him that you love him and care about him.

try drug counceling. and offer to go with him too, and tell him you'll be there through everything so he doesn't feel like he has to beat it alone, cause it's a scary thought to say bye to the thing you've known for so long to keep you happy. also if he feels really depressed and angry well trying to get off it theres a vitamin called 2-htp that you can get that helps teach your brain to produce the "happy" chemical by itself.

anyways hope that helps.
good luck, and stay strong.
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