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Is there always withdrawal from hydrocodone?

If a person has been taking hydrocodone for over 5 years and specifically 6 500/50 hydrocodone/apap per day for at least the last 7 months, will there always be withdrawal symptoms?  There was no tapering, only a brief two week change to Nuerontin (low dose) for two weeks and then that was increased for another two weeks. After the nuerontin  for a total of a month it was cold turkey.

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It gets worse and worse the longer it goes.
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I won't ever say never. I've seen people go cold turkey from pretty moderate doses of opiates and have little to no withdrawal symptoms. I had a detox once that was a piece of cake. I do believe that they get harder the more you do. But, there's always exceptions to every rule. I don't think the neurontin would have anything to do with it. Neurontin having any negligible effect on opiate withdrawal was ruled out long ago.
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yes...your body gets used to it and when you stop it, you go through WDs....whether u were abusing them or not...i know about 2 years ago, i was taking Vicodin 5mg, 6 per day for about 1-2 months, never abused them, had pain, etc...when i stopped, i felt like ***@**** called my doc and he said, yeah, could be WDs...i had no idea...i looked it up online and sure enough, it was...

i didnt use Nuerontin though, so someone else may have a different answer....
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