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It REALLY does get better!!!!

i wouldnt have believed it in a million years!!! Currently on day 19 and feeling almost back to normal !!! This has been a wild ride and i feel so much better than day 3-5.  When i first posted here i thought i wouldnt be able to make it this far thru sobriety,but the help here has really saved my life and i just want to thank all of you for reassuring me that it will get better.  It really does get better !  If youre new here and thinking that the sickness wont get better ,trust me it does and you will feel back to normal in a very short time!
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I read your post just when I needed too. I am on day five and you really just helped me. I can do this. thank you again.
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thanks for your encouraging words!  i'm starting day three and it's a *****!  i've been down this road before and know that it does get better, i can't wait to be where you are!
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I just stumbled onto this site after crying all day.....I was just  told that it is 7k to enter this rehab/detox center so I will be detoxing on my own, but I really dowant this! I was also told that I don't want to do this on my own, but I have NO choice. I am glad that you made it to day 19 and I hope I can be as strong as you....Good luck!
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I am in the same boat with the treatment being too expensive so I must tough it out too. Isn't it ironic how quick they are to help you get prescriptions but when you want off the ride they aren't so quick to make that accessable? Still, it can be done and it must so we will get there. You can do it, this group is a godsend and will get you where you need to go. M
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Congrats to all of you !!!  I suggest that you all read as much as you can on here..This forum and people here are the best...and i would not be clean today with them..If i had to give you any advice would be to NOT be scared...The mind is very powerfull, so keep telling yourself that you will get through this, and you will...But after the physical part is over, PLEASE find some aftercare...I never beleived that was true..In active addiction, I thought that it would be like a drive through car wash, once you got to the other side, it was clean and done...Well with me thinking that, i relapsed everytime...When i found this forum almost 2 yrs ago, I learned so much..I had to surrender, give up the fight...My usage was pretty high,and I made it through...But if i didn't see a addiction counsouler, or go to meetings, and this forum, I know 100% i would not have the clean time i have..
Try to keep busy during w/d's..I find when i was a clock watcher, it was worst...Get some good movies , if you are too weak to get out..But if you can ( thanks to Avis) get out for a small walk, force yourself...YOU will not beleive the difference it makes...And stay here , so we can support you as you get to a new and wonderfull drug free life!!!
god bless
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Yes, it does seem that way! I have had the door shut in my face every time I have asked for help, but anytime I have asked for script, I have my pills in 10 minutes...That is my downfall, but I am so determined to kick this. I tried to get into La Ha because i heard it is a great facility, and my insurance covers 80% but my out of pocket is still 7k because it is out of network. There is no way I can come up with that amount right now, but I feel some comfort from this site! I see that people do get thru this and there is nothing that I want more! I wish you luck....and I truly believe that we can beat this!
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Hi, congratulations!  I'm on day 19 as well from loritabs.  I'm happy to hear how well you are doing because it gives me hope.  I'm still having terrible headaches 24 hours a day - but maybe it's something else?  Most of the other symptoms have let up tremendously.  Thanks for posting good news.  Impulse.
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Thanks to all who replied.  This is a long journey and needs to be taken slowly but surely.  I did the wds and so can you. Be strong in your mind and your body will follow. Once again it really does get better and very worth it!!!!!
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I was in your shoes also i had to detox at home. It can be done if youre really want this.  i really did want my life and sobriety back. I have a 2 yo little girl, a wife, and a full time job! I started to wd at work and finished the work week out sicker than a dog. It was complete he ll and torture lol. but it can be done!! If you need a helping hand reach out to this forum, they literally saved my family and life!
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LOVELOVELOVE reading this kind of post!!
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