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It has been 40 hours, but I dont feel some of the symptoms from when I quit before

Good morning All, I quit last November of a 100 miligram percocet habit. Stayed clean for 5 months and went right back on the pills. This time it was  30 milligrams of vicodin, with a two month prescription of percocet 10 milligram mixed in at three times a day. I tapered the percocet and 36 hours ago quit the vicodin. My body feels achy, but I havent had the restless leg which was a night mare last november and I have yet to have diareeham, and i have slept more than i did when I quit before. I am praying that these last 40 hours are just toying with me and it will hit me all at once. I definitely feel that wierd body sensation, and am moving in slow motion, but why hasnt the real nasty stuff hit by now. I dont think I would be able to take it if it did.          Zeuss
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Hey, good for you if they aren't that bad. I mean, I honestly do not believe that anyone can just by-pass w.d, but maybe you are. I don't know. Like mimi said, take the vitamins, well..hey..you are almost 2 full days in..so more power to ya...I wish that happened to me..

Good luck and great job..
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Hi Zeuss,

It might not hit. But take vitamins. Double the multi vitamins. Eat right and if you can get a little exercise in, like walking do it.

Good luck,
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I don't know why they haven't hit.  Perhaps since you tapered the Percocet - maybe your body is adjusting better for some reason.  My doctor told me it's weird that some people go through the ugly withdrawals and some don't.  I'm hoping you don't have too this time!!!
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