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It is VERY possible to leave Methadone behind

After 15 years of being maintained on a 95mg dose of Methadone for Heroin addiction, I'd had enough.  I dropped 10mg off the top, then lowered my dose by 1mg per week until I reached 50mg.  At that point I slowed down (on advice of my counselor - not because I was feeling any sort of withdrawal affects) and began going down 1mg every TWO weeks.  Took about two years.  Until I dipped below 20mg, I didn't experience any withdrawal symptoms AT ALL.  For the last 20mg, I had a slightly runny nose, occasional gooseflesh, and in the last 10mg I had a little trouble getting sound sleep.  Now, three months after that last mg drop to zero, I'm sleeping normally again, no drippy nose - NOTHING.  It's like it never happened.  Except that it took 15 years for me to get the courage to try, given all of the horror stories and scaremongering.  It IS possible!
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Hey Girl congrats on breaking the liquid handcuffs I am amazed by your recovery your the first one that I know of that this has happened to usually getting off it is a grind then the post withdrawal will just about kill you for the next 90 days count your blessing and take a moment to thank God for sparing you....good luck on your recovery you my want to check into N/A it will help reinforce you recovery and keep you from falling back.........Gnarly
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Hi. Good going.You did it slowly and it worked for you.Don't let your guard down,we can get some strange thoughts  after being clean for a while.        karl
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