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Its Been Awhile

Well its been 2 months since I have been on here.. For those seeking help from Vicodin - Norco read my story..
After the death and birth of my daughter ( 3 weeks apart) I started to use Vicodin. Got it while in the hospital to help with my after labor pains was sent home with a RX. I took them cause they made me feel good and I wasn't all that sad about my moms passing. Granted I do miss her but she is in a better place and not suffering. Anyhow another blow
I injuried my knee during my daughters cheer practice.... Ughhhh So I was given vicodin again.. Going threw MRI's Etc months led to more months of everyday use of Vicodin but then they stopped working. I let my Doctor know and he rx Norco's 120 every 2 weeks.. I didn't think I had a problem and neither did my family. Well A year rolls up and here I was sitting a ticking time bomb taking 15 norcos a day. I finally said to myself, thats enough I am done with pain pills. Thats when the withdrawls kicked in. Someone just shoot me already!!!! I relapsed of course and back to the pill I went...

2 months go by and I tell myself I need help.. So one late night searching the internet I came across this board. Read it until I don't know when, crying and saying I am not alone in this. I didn't know this was so wide spread... So I finally stepped up and researched detox options. Many places wanted me to be in house detox for weeks. I am a mother of 6 kids and could not leave my husband like that, so I researched Suboxone. After 1 week of discussing it with my friends and family I decided this was my best bet. So then came the next trial.. Find a Dr to help me. I didn't have 2500 like most wanted so I signed up with the http://www.naabt.org/
I wrote my story when I signed up, explained I had 6 kids and could not afford treatment. Well I got 4 emails from 4 different Drs. wanting to help me. So I spoke to a few and decided which Dr could work for me. Dr. F was my life saver. He cut his fees in half and only charged me 350 for the visit. I woke up one morning and returned Dr. F's call he said he wanted me in that afternoon I told him I already took a Norco at 10 am that morning. He said that was fine I should be in mild withdrawls by the time the office visit was over. So I go in with my youngest daughter, we went threw everything and of course the withdrawls kicked in.. Was sent to the pharmacy to get suboxone. My insurance covered it except for a 40 co pay. So I get the pills. But had to go get my kids from school. So Dr. F told me to go get my hubby and have him come back. All my kids wanted to come too learn more about this.. But they had to stay put.. We get back to the office and I wait and wait..

Chills set in, Yawning, Water Eyes.. He came out to look at me and said ok lets go. He test my BP and get the pill. Breaks it in half and tells me to put it under my tounge.. I did so while sitting comfy in the chair.. All of a sudden the withdrawals are gone.. I see clearly..

Well that was Oct 21st here it is over 4 months later and I am completely free of the norcos..
I am not even on Suboxone anymore.. I tapered down to 2mg a day to finally to nothing.. No withdrawls no nothing..

But then comes a down fall. Being clean for this long some other problems came out. My Dr thought it was depression and anxiety..

Well it turns out I am ADD.. I always self medicated.. Use to smoke pot in high school.. But I was always busy and never thought much of it. Well now that life has slowed down, my mind is wreaking havioc.. Have Nervous Energy, Can't think straight, Can't finish work, Losing things, Figity, etc.

But anyways for thouse who think they can't do it.. you can... I did and so can you
Oh **** sounds like an informercal... hehehe

You don't have to go threw those mind screwing withdrawls.. Don't give up hope.. Suboxone did it for me..
Register there are Doctors out there willing to help
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wow awesome story, sorry for your loss. but its great your here, and sharing info that will help others. congrads on being clean, good luck with the add, and much love..
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Thank you
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How long were you on the Sub? And how many mgs. did you jump off at?
Great story. I'm on Sub now and have been since Jan.30 th. Keep hearing mixed info on withdrawels from sub.
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Thank you for the support.. This form helped me get clean..
I first started at 4mgs of suboxone then it was slowly uped to 32 mgs.. I was on suboxone for 3 months. After the second month I started to cut back. I would start my morning off 4mg and see how I felt if I need 4 more then I would do 4 more mgs. Some days I got by on 4 and sometimes I had to take some extra. But I found myself needing it less and less. Fianlly down too 2mg a day until I had no more and I was done. No withdrawls no nothing.. once you can get down to 4mg - 2 mg you less likly to have withdrawls..

My Dr. Always told me do as little as possible to help me. I heard about people on it for 1 year. My Dr. strongly did not advise that. The shorter time on it the better off you will be.
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Great, Thank you. Just what I wanted to hear.  I started out at 8 mgs. Now at 4-6 mgs. Figure I'm just gonna keep going down til I'm at 0. Thanks again.
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