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Its That Time! December 2014 Roll Call!!

I hope everybody had a clean and blessed Thanksgiving! A lot of people relapse around the holidays especially because of feeling alone. That is why it is very important to have a solid recovery foundation with a support network...someone you can reach out to in time of need.

So here we are in the last month of 2014. If your reading this you are alive and that in itself is a blessing. So this thread is for everyone to post there clean time or just introduce themselves. You do not have to be clean to post here. We would love to just meet you. If you are clean, please tell us about it. Share how long and anything else that we may draw hope and encouragement from.

So with that...this is the final 2014 roll call. I hope we have a lot of people check in and share! Happy holidays everyone and God bless.

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Today I have been clean for 4 years 10 months
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It has been 36 days since I have been clean off Suboxone, and still going strong!
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Hi Evan- I'm right behind you at 4 yrs and 8 months-

Season's Greetings everyone and if you're in a tough spot please let someone here know-
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I cant believe im coming up on the date when i first logged onto this website b/c i was in my bathroom thinking i was going to die! Today makes, ummmm, 336 days clean!!!! Holy crap! Great big thank you to all of u people on here that remind me every day that living clean can be done! And can have a fufilling life to boot! Like night and day from then to now!!!
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Hey Evan, Thanks for the ongoing fantastic thread : )
Congratulations to you all on your clean and sober time !!!

Finally, im 1 year and 6 days off Maintenance Subs !!!

Coming up to 3 years clean off Heroin 2 days after your 5 year mark
Evan : )

I hope everyone has a safe, special and very clean Christmas this year !!!

Thankyou all for everything xo
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HAPPY HOLIDAYS to ALL my MH Family out here!!!
Be Safe, Be Good and Be Very Alert!!

800 days which is a lil over 2 Years from all Street & Prescribed drugs.

3888 days from the Booze and the Bar Stool.

Cigs & Caffeine are becoming void more each day.

I Miss U All on here lately..I will be back around again soon.
Sometimes we just need a little break. Need to re-channel in with my self and my Lord again!! Finding yet another new Balance...

Bless U ALL Always & Forever!
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Thanks Evan for keeping this post going each month!!

I'm 2 years and 2 wks clean off pain pills!!  I had my first real test couple months ago when I fell and busted my ribs....I managed with just Ibuprofen and tylenol.  If I hadn't told my doctor that I had a problem with pills, she may have offered them, but I wouldn't have taken it.  And I never even once entertained the idea of asking for pain pills. Thanks to aftercare ,setting up roadblocks and staying on this site...I had no cravings for them at all.  

I hope everyone has a safe, happy and sober holiday season!!  Bless you all and congrats on all the clean time!  
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4 years and 7 glorious months free from Methadone, Subs, and Fentanyl!  So great to see all this clean time!  Just think of the collective clean time that we all have together... every individual sober day counts toward that total! Whether it be years or days, it all adds up!
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Hey ABN (Evan) thanks for keeping this up each month.  

I am about 8 months out from my last pain pill.  I say "about" because I don't count the individual days after the first month or so. Some people do, and some people don't.  For me, it's always been just for today.  

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to everyone.
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Hi Hon,

I am in a tough spot...I will catch up with you via private message. Glad you are well!

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Awesome!!! And inspiring, stay strong!  You are one of the many that give me hope and encouragement.
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Happy Holidays to all!  I am Karen and am new here.  I actually just set my detox start date with my boss so I could take some time off!  Im flushing my pills left on Dec 30th and my first day clean will be Dec 31st!  Thats what Im hoping for anyway!  I went from Hydrocododne 6-7 pills 7.5mg for 6 years to 30 mg of codeine.  Im switching to 10 mg next week and then will jump off from there!!!  Im so thankful I found this site!  There is so much hope and encouragement on here!!!  Thanks to everyone who shares!!!
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Thanks for the motivational threads, really makes a difference to all of us still struggling to get clean. Much love and thanks.
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Hey Cricket,

You have come to the right place, this site is full of wonderful, compassionate, inspirational folks that share their time, stories, encouragement and are so selfless.  I have been trying to beat this addiction for some time and also set my detox for 12/31 so that I am past the holidays and through my busiest time at work and can take off. Would love a buddy to go throgh detox with, we can do this!  Welcome and let's JUST DO IT!

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Day 12 almost 13 off oxycodone....11 year addiction that's come close to killing me more than a few times....looking forward to my first Christmas off the pills!
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I would LOVE a detox buddy!!!  Sure will make it easier!  Im actually looking forward to it!  Yes, we CAN do this!!!!  :)
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Hey, gang. So, I'm 13 days away from 6 months. So that's 167. Whew, time is a' goin!

@Cricket and junip: great idea for you two. Keep posting before then!!!
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this girl here has an amazing 93 days never thought it could happen but with the help of all you great people i was convinced to do what i needed to do dont know if i would be here without all of you thank you!!!! and congrats on all your clean time
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Today is day 5 off of hydrocodone - taking it one day at a time! Looking into a pain psychologist to help deal with the actual pain I experience in my back from severe disc issues without the pills!
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Hey Karen, nice to meet you and glad you found us. Thanks for introducing yourself.
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Hey every body good to see you and great to see you clean...we all do this ''just for today'' and for those starting out keep reading the posts for me it has been 1872 days off my nemesis Methadone and 38mo off of benzo's...I recamed the N/A progam to every one  you dont have to be clean  all you need is the desire to get clean recovery takes work but with the 12 step program it will clean up the train wreck ourt lifes have become it will also give you a place to share you life with people that under stand it is the single best program I have found that works if you work it keep posting for support..........Gnarly
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2 years the end of this month...and never looked back.  Not on all that much, hope everyone is well!
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ABN, thank you so much for remembering this each month. I love reading about those that are just starting their journey and those that have been on the road for a bit. EVERY single person here keeps me clean.

I celebrated 7 years in September off of pain pills, Subs..etc. And 26 clean from my DOC..Heroin. I never thought I would hear myself say those words.

To those of you who have just now found this community please stick around. there is great support here and we can help you get through the detox and on into recovery. GOD Bless you all.
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Happy Holidays everyone!

I am 68 days clean from opiates/heroin.  I'm sticking to one day at a time, and totally content with where I'm at!  I'm wrapping up my first semester back in my pursuit of a 2nd bachelors degree, 3 more class days left to go before finals.  While the work and studying stresses me out, it is such a feeling of confidence and success when I get my grades back.  They're the only thing that will be getting and staying high for me :-)

Thanks ABN for posting this, makes me feel good about myself from month to month seeing the days rack up!

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