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Its That Time! January 2014 Roll Call!!

Its January! I hope everyone had a safe and sober New Years! Its that time for our monthly roll call. It doesn't matter if you are just lurking and want to introduce yourself or if you have been clean for a gazillion years....we want to hear about it. These roll calls give us a chance to check in with each other and offer hope, encouragement, and support. Please to not be shy...even if you are still using but just reading...we'd love to meet you!

I love you all and am looking forward to another great year CLEAN AND SERENE!

God Bless!
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468 days from the Scrips and Street drugs.

3556 from the Liquor store & Bar

0 days from Ciggs..Still working on that..

Hanging in the best I can!!

Thanks ABN..You are a Rock Star..lol
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2 years, 1 day. OR working on my third year. Whatever sounds better. I posted yesterday and got a lot of great and moving responses. I guess I'm more of a softie than I thought.
Go MH family, go!
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No Vic...you are the rock-star. Im just here trying to stay out the way.
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Omg I've been waiting for this!!!!
This is the VERY first time I can speak up and scream from the mountain tops that I have 5 (6 in 3 hours - 6:30pm) days cleans!!!
I'm honored to be able to put my name on this list.
If not for you all, I truly don't believe if be here right now.
Thank you from the depths of my soul!
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A little over 5 months
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Geez, I had to go look because I had no idea how many days I had. Thanks for making me work ABN! ;) (JK, thanks for doing this!)  

258 days!!!! :)
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