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Its That Time! January 2015 Roll Call!!

Happy New Years everybody! I hope everyone stayed safe and sober!

Well, lets kick this year off with a roll call then. This is where you post your clean time. Whether you have 10 years or are just thinking about getting clean....we'd love to hear from you! Don't feel like you can't post here if your not clean....use this as an opportunity to introduce yourself! This thread is meant for people to draw hope and encouragement from each other as well as to meet.

Hope we get a lot of people to participate as the numbers have dwindled over the months.
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60 days
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Hi... I'm Deb. I'm a biology/anatomy instructor, a fairly recent widow, and mom.  I'm 1 day into tapering off prescribed meds. It's my first try and determined to be my last because I want to own my life again.
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Meegy posted!!!!  Congratulations, honey!

Soma...1yr 2wks
Weed...48days (it would be over 90days, but I had a small relapse after my kitty passed away).

Good luck, dwhitti777.  I am battling a 37yr Fioricet (no codeine) addiction myself.  
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Hey Jade. Good to meet you! 37 years?! Wow. I've been told that it is the fioricet that I'll have a bigger problem with than the codeine.  I've been prescribed Butalbital (50)/ acetaminophen (300)/ caffeine (40)/ codeine (30) for about 5 years. The last 2 years its been about 6 a day (8 on a bad day). Since I've never talked to anyone else about it, I'm not even sure if that is a lot or not. I just know I don't like being dependent on them anymore.
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Hells yeah!!!! 365 days today!!! Go me, go me, go me!!! If this is a pink cloud, i dont ever want to get off....recovery is good :)
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Bravo & props to you All! (& a Special Congrats to motye51). Good Stuff :) Keep up the great work everyone,

Two Years & 8 or 9 days.

Wishing everyone an outstanding 2015!
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Hi all..Im Karen and have 25 days clean today!  Thanks to MedHelp and meetings  Im hanging in there!!!  Congrats to everyone and Happy New Year to us all!!!!
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Hi I'm amanda I have almost 4 years clean off herion and pills. I'm still on subutext though because god had plans for me to have another baby as I was weening off. I am down to about 4mgs though so hopefully as soon as I have my baby in April I can get off of this crap and it won't be to bad. I will definitely be on here for support when I do! I love the kindness and understanding of the people on here its great to see. I have been on here for a few months now trying to do what I can to help others when I can. I love this forum I'm addicted lol what can I say I'm a true addict.
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Carrie, 67 days clean off Suboxone.
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3 weeks!
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Hey everyone. Day 123, clean and sober! Thanks for all the encouragement. I still need it.
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5 days yep i relapsed....but I'm back and it was only 2 days and 4 pills
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Wow, guys ...grats to you ALL!!!  Motye, gimme sum o that cloud!!  Lol I miss it. Oooops, forgot to look at my days!.....ABN,?  I don't see your days either. Much love, hope, strength and peace to all! Hugs xo
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Oooooooooooooh, 495, you rock, me! Hahaha
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97 days today!
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777 days clean today!!   maybe I should go play the slots somewhere???  lol  congrats everyone on all your hard work and clean time!!  Happy New Year!!  
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Cant wait to not have to take a pill to fill better started out on 20mg Methadone pills and 4 10.5 Loratabs a day and already down to 5mg Methadone and 25mg of Loratab a day in just 20 days which is almost half I know I may have a long road ahead of me but wait to get done
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Congrats everybody!

Glad to see you didn't run with the relapse @Kellygirll and are still here with us :)

Nice to meet all the new people!

Big Congrats on the 1 year Motye51!!

I am blessed to have put together 4 years 11 months and 2 days clean
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My name is Denise
I am 7/12 months clean and loving life again. Just came off another 5 year battle with prescription opiates
Nothing felt more grateful than waking up on the morning of 2K15, and knowing that I'm clean and sober. And chasing life, not highs ...
Life is good !
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2 days for me. Fist time really quitting due to choice and not because I'm out. So is my first real detox, and I know it will be my last. I will not fail. I love this site and support. I'm going to hell right now. I keep telling myself I got this.
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Oh and I was talking about 18 20mlg oxy and 10 tramadol a day, using for a total of a year and a half.
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I have been on and off the site for a couple of months. I have been clean on and off for about 6 months - longest span was about 45 days and since than I have taken a few here and there. I had 8 teeth removed - 7 at the same time. I am going to have 6 more removed and finally get my teeth fixed from all the damage. I am going to do those ones pain med free. Its so hard to break this cycle. Its almost like I don't know how else to feel or be. I know I don't want this anymore. I have a support group  but I think I really need to find a grief counsoler - i definitely need it. I lost both my parents - my mom as of June and i buried them both this past October. I didn't realize the extent of grief - i have two small children and an active husband and life but who doesn't....it keeps me active. I want them to have what I grew up with. I had two great loving parents - we had a lot of fun growing up. I deserve that and so does my family. 5 days clean of oxycodone. Thank you for this board.
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349 glorious days!  Recovery is soooo worth it. Granted not always easy but growth kinda hurts sometimes.  But when you come thru on the other side just wow!
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Hi every one  im grateful to be here grateful to be clean  congrats on everyone's clean time if your new  get into a progam of aftercare and work it it is the key to long term recovery  for me it is 1905 days clean from my nemeses Methadone  life is good.........Gnarly
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