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Its That Time! June 2014 Roll Call!!

This year is sure flying by. Its already June! So anyways...here we are. This thread is a place where you can post your clean time or just introduce yourself. You do not have to be clean to post here. If your "lurking" take this as an opportunity to introduce yourself. If you have some clean time, post it so it can encourage and inspire others by showing them it can be done.

This forum is a great place. Old and new members alike contribute everyday and share whats worked for them in recovery. I like to encourage that because there are so many different recovery options out there. You just have to find what works for you. So maybe this roll call could be a little different this time and not only can people share there clean time but also what program they use to stay clean. Just a thought anyways.

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342 since i took any Pills and cocaine or molly...280-300ish since I had a drink of alcohol

120 since I smoked weed :(

so 120 just for todays in a row
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YEEEHAW! I have 132  wonderful, glory filled clean days. This does not mean I  don't have bad days I do, but Im learning how to handle the bad days and turn them into good days. I do counseling, recovery books and this wonderful site. I have grown so much in these 132 days. Im discovering why Im an addict and what needs to change to stay in recovery. You know its actually kinda cool learning all this about me and I kinda like me this way. If you are thinking about starting this process just know if this suicidal, desperate girl can do it~~you can too. And happiness is real.
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I'm on day 5 of finally jumping off methadone after 9 long years, and 10 long months doing a taper!! So excited for a future free of this poison!!
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can u tell I havent put the bat down yet :/
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Thats amazing! Congrats I was on it for 8 years best decision I ever made its been almost a year
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Wow....I can't believe I'm still here???  This truly has been one of the hardest journey's I think I've ever done....drug/alcohol free since Jan 1st, with the help of my higher power, the people here on MedHelp, and ME!  5 months clean!
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almost 2 years 709 days :)
Hi everyone I havent been around alot but just wanted to stop by and say Hi
Set yourself up for Success and it will happen
The 3 S's Get rid of your Source tell your Secret and Get support! and You will SUCCEED!
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705 days off methadone, opiates feel like a totally different life now, I only have recent memories of recovery life. It is getting better and better.
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I'm gonna "slide in" here between Conhall and Weaver...my two clean buddies.....we's comin up on our 2 years....yeehaww!!

710 Days off hydrocodone, soma and a 12-yr run on antidepressants

Rockers in recovery.....oh yeah :)
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154 Days Clean! I love this forum and all of you!
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wow congrats to everybody! im 7 days clean off subs and all opiates after a two year relapse, I have gotten A ton of support from many of you thank you for that.  I think just a VERY STRONG knowing that it comes to a end and what goes up must come down. and  having a good attitude is important and it helps. thanks again trev
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93 days!!!  Almost triple digits! I have a special bottle of wine to have with dinner with my husband the night of triple digits..I hope I am allowed to do that....LOL???  Thanks to all the wonderful peeps on this forum and good luck and God speed to all on their journey to recovery.  We can and will do this TOGETHER! Much love, Michelle.
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179 days free from the chains of opiates!  
Congrats to all on their clean time!  
To those waiting to jump or working on it, you will never regret your choice to end your relationship with drugs!
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Well this is awesome.
910 days for me in recovery.  Currently taking pain meds as prescribed for a bad medical situation.  I still count myself as clean because I am working my recovery.
2 months off zoplicone (never thought I'd get free of that one)
2 months off cigarettes (my achilles heel)
Halfway through my taper off benzos and doing GREAT!
I'm in pain, I hate the pills, but ultimately I am happy to be living a life where my recovery and healing is my #1 priority.
In six months I plan to be DRUG FREE and hopefully PREGNANT!
Congrats to all on your clean time.
Peace and love...
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517 days cig free (great job lulu!!!  I found this one to be the toughest).

154 days Tramadol free

Coming up on 4mos off Norco.

Soma days are 6mos gone.

Congrats to all!!!
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Two years, five months.
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563 days!!  congrats everyone on your clean time and/or in the process of getting clean!  my twin grandbabies are over 7 months old now and I'm SO grateful to be alive and clean to watch them grow!  life is good!  :))  
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686 days off of all mind altering substances. I stay busy and don't associate with people who are using or drinking unless life deems it absolutely necessary. I run a lot and work out. I also attempt to not lie and I hit the occasional meeting at a treatment center. I try to make sure not to get too obsessed with anything and if it starts to look like trouble or if it is affecting my psyche, I generally make an adjustment.

Thank you very much Evan, for posting this again. I guess you are the new Tomskat. ;)     I do hope wherever Tomskat may be, He or She is well. ;))

Congratulations to all of you guys!  You are all great people ;)
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Hello, how many people do you know ignore a miracle? I had legitimate back pain when I saw a neurologist for the first time. Many years later, I almost had surgery on my back, but decided to try to get in better shape to help it out. It worked, and I can honestly say that I am almost pain-free. I've been lying to my neurologist for over five years now to get pain pills because I'm addicted to them, but I don't need them. I've been lying to my wife and my kids so I could back up the lie. I've tried to quit on many occasions, and at one point I was able to stay off them for three months. I can honestly say I am one of the most blessed husbands, father, and people I know..... And this has to stop. I've never told anyone about my addiction. But that is about to change. I am going all in God. I always thought if I prayed enough, that Jesus would help me and I wouldn't need them anymore. I'm wrong. And ashamed, that I've never been able to ask for help. I have the most understanding wife ever and I'm going to tell her tonight. I'm a good Christian man and how could I let this happen to myself? I don't want my wife to look at me any different than she ever has. That's just my pride talking. I have read so many posts thanking God for helping them overcome their addictions. God put amazing people in my life to help me through troubled times. This isn't going to be easy, please pray for me
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Hello and welcome to the forum!  Good for you.....making the decision and talking out loud about our abuse and addiction is where it starts!!

Wanted to suggest that you go to the top of this page and find the orange post a question button....start your own thread and talk to us as you go thru this recovery journey.  It's a good way to get feedback and share your w/drawal and recovery journey with us~

Welcome aboard :)
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Day 3 again for me. This is one of the hardest things I have ever tried, if not the hardest. I always hated people like me and look, I am one of those people now. I still want pills and cannot seem to tell me dr no or help I am addicted. I am scared he will cut me off. Gee! How stupid is that!??? But I am trying again.
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Hey all my beautiful friends !!!

6 months, 1 week & 1 day off maintenance Subutex !!

2 years & 4 months off Heroin & Cry/meth!!

8 years off Alcohol !!

Cigarette's 0 days, but working on it !!!

Thanks Evan : )
Congratulations everyone : )
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WOW~! Congratulations everyone! ONE day at a time :)

Today makes 1436 DAYS~! I am grateful God saved me... saved my very life. I can't begin to express my gratitude for the life that has been restored to me... GOD, meetings, meetings, meetings, counseling, friends and family... journaling, gratitude list, exercise... MedHELP!!  Doing whatever it takes to keep on keepin' on this incredible life journey.... and Praising God each day for doing for ME what I could not do alone.
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Wow congrats everyone. I feel like the "newbie" for sure. Today is day 16 off Tramadol, flexeril, nuerontin & norco 10/325. 14 days ago I added xanax to that list!!!
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