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Its That Time! June 2015 Roll Call!!

Hello everybody! Its a new month...so that means its time for the roll call. This is the place where you post your clean time or just introduce yourself. It doesn't matter if you dont have any clean time at all....use this thread as a chance to break the ice and reach out. There are a lot of people who are afraid to post for many different reasons. People come here and unfortunately we never get to meet them. Please dont be one of them and let us know your out there. So....if you have 100 years clean or your still struggling to get that one day....we would love to hear from you.
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I will go first....my name is ABN and I have 5 years and 4 months clean. I do a lot of different things for my recovery but at the center of it all is God.

IBK....I'm getting restless for some football!
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I take 2nd.,ghuskerdude here and I am trying to get there. Long ride but I can see the light!
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Amazing!!!  I'm at day 7 of being clean from hydrocodone but I'm feeling great!!  This forum has been so supportive and prayer and music have been such a help.  And I agree with you on football.....how many more months until preseason???? Lol
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Pink Star 07,
Good for you! My fog has lifted and I see the light. 95 days and 19 hours till kick off!
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Hi!! I'm a tad over 6 years clean now. Congrats to all on your clean time, and to those still struggling, don't ever give up the fight.  Take care all!!!
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You can get there.  I was using for 2 years and finally got the determination to quit.  95 days?!?!  Ugh!!!!!!
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Been since March 12 for me. I lost count of how many days that makes it.
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That's just wonderful.  You're doing it !!!
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72 days for me, it is still tough, but am doing it.
Congrats to all of you.
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Some day I will be able to give you my clean date I am hopeful!  Congrats to you all and keep giving us all hope!
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Congratulations to everyone....

Me -   1 year and six months and 6 days off Subs.....

           3 years and 4 months off Heroin.....

Thanks Evan :)
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Six months off of hydrocodone.     Congrats to everyone!
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Hi everyone!

Today marks my last pill.  Tmr is day 1 for me off hydrocodone.  I hope I can stick to it this time and be clean and happy!
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It is so nice to see so many people who have been off a long time still here to support those in need.    Thank you

5 days off a 5 week relapse on subs.  ..It would have been 7 1/2 months clean but at least I'm going in the right direction... It is 17 months off a 12 year morphine habit.  My faith and just believing I would be free one day, no matter I did not know how is really what has brought me to freedom.


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Im 6 months off of hydros and 8 months no alcohol!  I tried to give up the nicotine but so far not so good  :)   Congrats to everyone on their clean time and especially to those with one day or those just getting ready!  You are all awesome!!
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June 30th will make 18 months for me.....still have good days and bad, but thats life....ay least thats what they tell me, lol. I am on a journey of learning about me now....
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Welp, in 17 days I will hit the one year mark. The hard part now is facing life w/ all it's frustrations, boredom, and disappointment. But, there is no way in hell I would want to go back to the despair of using. NO WAY. Same as motye, I'm learning....
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One year jifmoc!!! Aaaaawwwwesomse!!!!! I'm almost 6 1/2 months clean off 11 year oxycodone use! So 7 more days I have been clean 200 days!! Congrats to you all and welcome to all you new people starting your new life!!
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I am so proud of you all!!!

The roll call thread always makes my feelers happy!!
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Thanks Krissy!!! And thanks Sarah!!!
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85 or is it 86? days off over a decade and a half use of opiates. It is awesome that I've started to forget how many days I've been clean. That means I'm busy living and have stopped counting-progress in my eyes. 0 days off nicotine but I will persevere with that until I am successful.

To all those just starting their journey, I wish from the bottom of my soul that I could give you just a glimpse of how much better life will be in such a relatively short period of time. It would give you the strength and motivation to push through. If I knew how much better my life would soon be, it would have greatly reduced all the anxiety I had in the beginning. Every god-awful moment I went through ( and I had my fair share!) was so worth it to be where I am now. And the best is yet to come!
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Congrats to you ALL - each day is a blessing.
18 months + 4 days off vicodin
Thanks Evan!
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Thanks for the post E!!  928 days off pain pills!  year and half off cigs but still doing the vapor...so not completely nicotine free....yet!!  Congrats to everyone on their clean time or just starting their journey!!  
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Hi!  Wow, the months go by quickly!

Quit date: 9/27/14.   I'm 8 months plus off oxycodone..yay!
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