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Its That Time! June 2015 Roll Call!!

Hello everybody! Its a new month...so that means its time for the roll call. This is the place where you post your clean time or just introduce yourself. It doesn't matter if you dont have any clean time at all....use this thread as a chance to break the ice and reach out. There are a lot of people who are afraid to post for many different reasons. People come here and unfortunately we never get to meet them. Please dont be one of them and let us know your out there. So....if you have 100 years clean or your still struggling to get that one day....we would love to hear from you.
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500 pill free days here! Congrats to us all on making the decision to change our lives. I am so grateful for my life!
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55 days and counting off Subs Nicotine Fried Foods Gambling Xanax and Soda.

I'm still semi withdrawing this far out.  My system is shocked.  However it's all worth it even this far out! Can't wait to get years under my belt.  Peace to you all.
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JayFive, Tapering off of Suboxone, Kloponin and a few other trivial meds. I have a goal in sight! I'm honored to be a part of this community. :)
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Today marks 1072 days since my last street methadone dose. This process has been way harder and way more rewarding than I anticipated. Therefore I suggest, anticipate nothing, do what it takes in the moment and respond to life as it comes. There is nothing to go back to, forward progress is the only real choice, everything else is reaction rather than pro-action. Do what it takes for today, you will not regret the worst of it.
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Hi, I'm new here, but unfortunately not new to the whole addiction scene...
I've been dry from booze since April 26th, and taking it day by day ~ so far so good. I've fallen off the wagon many times, but I keep dusting myself off and climbing back on...
I've been free from nicotine for nearly 4 years...
I've been reading through many threads here, and those who respond seems very genuine and helpful ~ which is very cool, imo
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It's been a while since I posted on this thread. I'm 2 years & 6 mos. clean on the 25th. I'm finally living a pretty full life in a way I can't really remember doing before. I'm very Grateful to all of you & to some who are no longer here.

Blessings & Propers to each & every one of you!

..Oh,..& Fin,..you're awesome! (a hug your way!).
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