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Its That Time! May 2015 Roll Call!!

Hey everybody! Its May so its time for another ROLL CALL! For those that dont know....this thread is where you check in and tell us how long you've been clean or just introduce yourself. You dont have to be clean to sign the roll call. It doesn't matter if you are still using, been clean 1 hour or 20 years, we'd love to hear from you. If you have been lurking and haven't found the courage to reach out and ask for help...use this as a platform. I do this thread every month so people can draw hope and encouragement from one another and hopefully get someone new to post. Plus, I love hearing from all the old timers and seeing how everyone is doing.
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I guess I will go first...I'm ABN....I got clean Feb 2nd 2010....that would give me 5 years and some change.
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I am 54 days clean
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953 off street and prescribed drugs.

4041 off the Booze.

Cigs are getting better, as I am down to a puff here and there. Man this one is a Biitchh!!!!!!

My name is Vickie and I got clean in 2012 at the later age of 56..

PS. I sure MISS you ABN!!!!!!
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If I've done my math correctly, May 1st made 17 months I've been clean!  Not every day is great....but I've definately gotten more able to live life on lifes terms....not MY terms!
To anyone just starting out.....it's worth it!
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Hey Evan! I was just thinking about you and the fact we hadn't done roll call yet! And here you are...

I'm 5 years clean as of 4/18/2015 and very happy. It's worth the beginning struggles and all the aftercare support I received contributed greatly to my continued sobriety.

I hope everyone reading the forum checks in to say Hi; it's been too quiet around here lately!
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Congrats everyone on your clean time!!
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I have 43 days from evil subs! Still have trouble finding a reason to get up in the morning but I do. Have been going to meetings and just chugging along. I don't always post but do look at them often.
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I am 56 days clean and really starting to feel better and better every day. I just signed up to go back to school to become an alcohol and substance abuse counselor. At 51 years old I think I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up. lol.
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I'm 164 days clean off oxycodone. Life is so much better now,time with my babies is so much better now!! I don't live in lala land anymore. I have had pain,but nothing so far I can't deal with. Congrats to everyone on their clean time and to all the new comers who decided it's time! :)
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I love that!! You will do great!! This world needs more people like you! xox
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Hi all I am Jimmy and I have been off and on here since 2007 . Never had a heavy habit but enough to know I have a problem and I am back again .  Sara told me these pills were going to kill me and I think I finally believe her . God Bless and congrats to all on your clean time . Jimmy  
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1041 days off street methadone, and none of those days where what I expected them to be like. It's been harder and better than I imagined and anticipated, and it is still getting better even today. Thanks for all your support and congrats to all you just deciding to quit, surrender and adapt, that is the best advice I can give, it is more worth it than you can imagine.
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524 days off Subs...

1186 days off Heroin...

I am FINALLY feeling great again.

So good to hear from you Evan.
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SIX MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have SIX MONTHS!!!!!!  took me two years plus to get it. Six months and 3 days

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Hey VIC...I miss You too :)

Hey Vicki....I know, I'm a couple days late....Congrats on your 5 years!!

Hey Amanda!
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Im Chig, I got 45 days today, off Norco.
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So nice to see you on here!!
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Hey all, I can't freakin believe it but I'm at 11 months (320 something days.) The "life" stuff, wanting new work, new relationship etc is not easy at all. BUT, I wouldn't go back to struggling w/ active addiction if you paid me or paid for my pills! It was so horrible, I can't believe I used for as long as I did. It is a GIFT to not obsess about those demon pills. It's almost like a bad dream. Oh, and no way I would be clean and sane w/o the program. No way.

p.s.- Jimmy- that was a great post! Stick around:)
p.p.s-Krissy- you have over 5 months already??? WOW!!!
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Hey Evan and all!
I have 5 months off of opiates and 7 months with no alcohol.  It has been the best 5 months of my life so far!  And just seems to get better everyday...even the bad days are better than counting pills and wasting money on them!!!
Congrats to all on your clean time!!
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7 months, 11 days from pain pills---yay!~
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It's 2 yrs, 41/2 months off Fioricet!
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Hi!! I'm a little over 6 years clean. Now if I could just give up chocolate..........
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Lol I know jifmoc!! I rock! ;) nov21.2014 my last pill. Proud of you too,you tell it like it is,no bullsh!t just get it done!! I'm glad I've been blessed enough to meet you here!!
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592 days off opiates, by His grace and yours. Thank you all! I didn't think it was possible until I stumbled on to this site looking for drugs on the internet.  Ill be forvever grateful.  Miracles happen.
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