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Its That Time! October 2014 Roll Call!!

Hey everybody! Its time for our monthly roll call. Its good to see so many new people on the forum and always a pleasure to log on and see the old faithful members that have been here for years sharing their wisdom. Ive been clean for 4 years and 8 months and I still get a lot out of this forum. Their will always be somebody who says something in a certain way that just resonates with me. Recovery is a lifelong journey and I'm blesses to be on it.

So, without further ado, its that time! On this thread, we introduce ourselves and share our various lengths of clean time and for those in AA we will be politically correct and call it sobriety for you :) It does not matter how long you've been clean...1 day or 20 years, we would love to meet you and hear about it. Matter of fact, you dont even have to be clean to post here. Nope....lurkers are encouraged and welcomed! Let this be the icebreaker thread for you! So I hope we get a lot of people this month...it seems like we get less and less now. Don't want this thread to die off because its a great place to share hope and encourage others.

Much Love,
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56 days for me... and i as well stay with this forum to remind me of where i have been... and to read how good things get as our clean time continues... since i missed the roll call last month... i find it the perfect time to congratulate all my fellow green bay packer fans on a sweet victory last week over the chicago bears... and i look forward to being clean for one year and 56 days... as it will be the roll call where i get to congratulate all the patient CUB fans for making the playoffs with the best record in all of baseball in 2015... peace be with you all...
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I'm Eva been on here about 3 weeks. So grateful. I'd never had the courage to try this much less think I could succeed. But with all your help I now know I can. I go to AA & NA but the healthy me in my area is the AA. In 1996 I cleaned up from street drugs in NA but lived in a bigger town. I got blind sided by the, cunning, baffling, powerful, part of this disease when I herniated a disc, then 2 back surgeries. I have a group, you'll, church, sponsor; but you all are the ones that gave the courage to try. I'm 21 days clean off methadone, hydrocodone, Valium, zanaflex & resteril.
I'm very grateful.
Thank you all
Special thanks for the Green Bay shout out. Can't wait for Thursday night FB
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It is that TIME again..My, time is going fast for this one..

738..off of drugs

3826 off of Booze

Doing better & better off the cigs. Saving some money by not buying the cig, this is for sure..lol

Be Safe everybody..When Times get a little hard and you are struggling..UP your SUPPORT and try adding some more or other kinds of support to fit into what you are struggling about. Like Grieving, Marriage, Church, Money, etc..There is help out here in this Big World. Just BE SAFE!!!

Bless U ALL!!
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528 days clean from Vicodin and 31/2 years sober from my DOC alcohol. I have 2 upcoming surgeries, one Oct. 15th and the other Nov. 17th. (Rotator cuff repair and a laproscopic surgery for girlie stuff.) So, I will be requiring some pain meds, hopefully for a very short time. I'm sure I'll be on here a lot post surgery needing lots of love and support.

Keep up the fight everyone!  :)
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68 days!!!  OMG  68 days!!!  I didn't even realize it was already over 2 months.  I'm still having some trouble with brain fog and with pain...but the pain is less than it was and the brain fog is slowly getting better.
  The nice thing is I'M OPIATE FREE  Woooohooooooo!!!!
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I just wanted to thank you for doing this every month.  I remember the first time I saw the post...I was detoxing...I think I was through the worst of it but I remember thinking to myself I can't wait until I can post my clean time and now I am.
  Keep it up, you are providing something to all of us that we all need.  A reminder....of where we were...where we are going and where we are at right now.

Thank you!!!
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No problem....my pleasure! And thanks for participating :) Congrats on your clean time! 68 days is huge! I love this forum and the people on it. I dont respond as much as I used to on here but I make sure to post the roll call every month. It is important to me and I'm glad that its important to you.
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It helps so much. Thank you.
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OK...so 9 months.....I don't want to count my chickens kind of thing, but I will say honestly, it's getting better every day.  Some days are better than others, but I'll take this up and down any day of the week OVER the drug induced chaos I was in before!!!  Hands down!  Thanks again to everyone on here!
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Hey a big congrats to all on this list weather it be a day a month or many years...thank your higher power for getting you this far this is a daily program we all do this ''just for today'' and tomorrow we will ALL be faced with the same decision ...do I use or stay clean...God willing tomorrow I will make the right decision  today I have 1809 days clean
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Hey all, Congratulations on your clean time and Sobriety !!!

I have 308 days off Subutex !!

Thanks ABN xx
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Hi everyone!!  684 days clean off pain pills!!  thanks E for this post....it means alot to all of us!!  :)))
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32 days clean! Off of Percs, Vic's and Xanax! Life is soooo much better now! My support group got me a butterfly bracelet for my 30 days! Love them and thanks to this community for getting me thru detox and focusing on aftercare!
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Congrats to all on their clean time. Keep choosing YOU!
10 months yesterday.
Still working on the cigs and hope to be posting about that one next month.:)
Thank you God for never failing me!
Thank you ABN!
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Hey y'all. I have 254 days. Has it been easy...hel- no but sooo worth it. Every day it is getting better and an easier struggle. I really can feel a change inside me for the better. If you are new to MH or to recovery please know this is possible for you too!

Thanks ABN this is important to me too!
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Day 5 norco free. Feeling better everyday...
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1 week today. I also called the nys help quit line to get patches for free to quit smoking before I w/d'd and I have put on my first one today. I plan to be totally nicotine free in 8 weeks and 9 weeks clean of all substances!
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128 days free of methadone!!!
Next challenge... To quit smoking cigarettes!
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242 days :)
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105 days clean:)
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ABN, even though I was on pain pills for a couple of weeks as the script said, I'm going to claim my 1 year this month! I only took them after my surgery. I didn't take as many as the Dr said I could. By the way, the surgery didn't fix my back. The pain is coming back in places that it didn't hurt before. My legs are better though. So it wasn't a total loss.
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kelly here 31 days off roxies and suboxone or as i say 31 days of flying solo!!
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Hi everyone! Thanks for keeping up with Roll Call, Evan!

I have 4 years and 6 months. My life is good and I feel good nearly all the time. I'm very fortunate but I had a lot of support along the way. I know this can't be done alone and I hope everyone is making a plan for recovery care if they don't have one already!  
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Im also trying not to smoke cigs anymore, but im loosing the battle.
Its so hard, our smokes for a carton (6 pks of 30) cost $150 Aus $'s and i buy 2 cartons a week.
But i will attempt this final hurdle very soon.
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