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Its That Time! October 2015 Roll Call!!

Hello everybody...its that time again. October 2015 roll call! This is the thread where we all get together and share our clean time and/or introduce ourselves. It doesn't matter if you aren't clean yet....we would still love to hear from you and who you are. A lot of people are afraid to post so use this as a platform to do so. So lets draw hope and support from each other. Old timers and new timers welcome :)

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Hello all!! I'm going on 6 1/2 years now, I think, I tend to loose count, lol. Congrats to everyone on their clean time! Be proud. Shout it from the rooftop!!! To everyone still struggling, never give up. No matter how many "bumps" you encounter on this journey, you must keep at it, because the destination is absolutely beautiful, I promise. Wishing all of you the very best! Take care all!
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Well, its now October and i have been clean for 21 months! Life on life's terms is not always peachy, buttttt, much more doable clean! Will be attending my first out of state n/a convention next week in AR.....a regional convention.....life is different and life now is a blessing!
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Day 1...sitting outside detox smoking my last CIG before I begin this wonderful adventure again ...ugh. Wish me luck...
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Good luck this big! Keep us posted.
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hi I am Brownie
I just checked and I hit day 50 clean from tramadol...used xanax, vicodin too but trammies were the worst . Every day is better but I am still struggling to fill my life with healthy habits to replace the bad ones. Still I actually can feel like a normal person now and I sleep like a normal person.....this is huge....I encourage all starting this hellish journey to hang in...keep going,,,,"If youre going through hell keep on moving...face that fire and walk right through it.... you might get out before the devil even knows youre there..." A corny country song but I sometimes would sing it while I tossed and turned with insomnia and rls....Im hoping all who need it most get sleep tonight
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Hi.  I've never  felt  worthy enough to post on the roll call.  4 months clean from oxy after about 15 yrs. of Opiates.  
Thank you all!
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