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It's been a while

So it's been a few days since my last post. Generally things seem to be on the upside, my wife is acting more like herself. She is still a bit distant. She often doesn't answer when I talk to her and she seems to still be in a general depression, although not as severe and with not nearly as much agression. by now most of the physical side effects of the withdrawals seem to have subsided. She does continue to have an upset stomach and gets headaches from time to time. She's also experiencing a sensation of extreme heat even though she is cold to the touch (the heat wave we've been having doesn't help this).

All in all I'm glad she's doing better. I'm thankful for all the words of encouragement and love that we've gotten from here. We're always looking for ways to help her feel better. And we'll keep posting as things continue to (hopefully) get better.  
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Thanks for the update, she's lucky to be able to have your unconditional support.
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