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Joe Perry

Well I got out of the house tonight. I got invited to a private party for a local celeb. A good friend of mine LB(Lyndon Byers) Former Boston Bruins Goon and morning radio personality on WAAF Had a leap year birthday Bash at the Boston Hard Rock! It was awesome.Joe Perry from Aerosmith played with his 2 sons Band  "Tab"and they Kicked ***! They did abunch of A-smith tunes "Combination","Chip away at the stone", "Let the music do the talking", "walk the dog"! Then they did some covers like the Beatles "Helter Skelter" and Jimi Hendrix "Red House" and a little Muddy Waters "Roll and Tumble"! It was extremely loud for such a small venue. I squirmed and nudged my way up front for the show and got some really good pics...I also got to meet the man in charge for collecting all the merchandise that the hard rock displays all around the world....He started talking to me and then I recognized him from a show they did on him from VH1 where he interviews Jimmy Paige , Vinnie Paul, Joey Kramer and others and asks them for collectibles to display.....So it was very cool I started grilling him on all the people he interviewed on the show.... So after all that we are eating in the dining room and sitting right next to us is Joey Kramer(drummer from Aerosmith) and 1 of Joe Perry's kids ...It was so cool when he finished  his dinner and left the table I took his wine glass and kept it to give to a good friend of mine that is a die hard Aerosmith fan.....The waitress thought I was crazy! She had no idea who the hell he was!  anyway How does all this relate to my drug problem you ask? It doesnt it just made me forget about it for a while after a really Sh!tty Day!I will put some pics up in my photo section for anyone interested!
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sounds like a good time ...hey the radio guys..was it Karlson or MacKenzie by chance? are they still in Boston?? they used to be on the radio in Toledo for years but left probably 15 years ago or so now and they were great. the funniest 2 guys on a.m. radio ever!  Just curious if they are stil there in beantown or not?
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yeah they are on WZLX classic hits...100.7 in the morning. They are pretty funny!
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how r u doing?
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Well I am doing better.. Today is like groundhogs day for me its day 12 again! I went to bed late and I got up early....now I got to muster up some energy for work!

the pics are up on the photo section now!!!
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Sounds  like fun...and a good way to get your mind off this stuff for awhile!!!
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