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Jumped of a 2 yr 8mg/day sub habit/day 7 with no W/D's. Where are th Wd/D's

Decided to start afresh this fine new year, and just quit the subs. They make me feel extremely numb(emotionally). So enough was enough and I jumped from 8mg's a day. Its now been 148hrs and 20 mins exactly (starting day 7 clean). But who's counting? Besides a couple of yawns, sneezes, and some mild lethargy; I've really felt nothing. WTF??  Has anyone ever heard of this? Is this some sort of anomoly? Should I be happy, or am I in for a real awakening? Kinda freakin due to the lurking monster that is "UNCERTIANTY". Thanks in advance for any questions, comments or concerns.

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Some people get a "get out of jail free" card. Count your blessings and get on with your life. Don't go looking for trouble. Get through the sneezing and the yawning and it will be over. Congrat on getting clean!!!
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So do you actually believe I'm through the worst of it, or could it be lingering because of the high dose I jumped from? I know what it feels like to withdraw to the point of wanting to die. This certainly is not that. I still have 40 2mg subs sitting in my drawer, and I'm not the least bit tempted to even look at them. And in all sincerity, I truly do not mean to make lightly of W/D's, as j know how terrible they truly are. If only we could go back in time and warn our future selves.
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