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Just a few words of encouragement.

Let me start off by saying, I am one of the biggest addictive personalities you could ever meet. Since my teenage yrs. I have been a huge pot smoker. 18 yrs. later I still smoke pot. Don't drink, don't smoke ciggarettes, but love pot. About 5 yrs. ago. I was introduced to Vicodin and fell in love. At first it was just a few pills a day. 5 yrs. later I've probably went 7 days without taking any. So that's roughly 1,825 days where I took at least 5-10 pills a day. Everything from 5/500's, 7.5/750's, 10/600's, 10/325's, Percocets, a few oxycontins, everything. I've spent thousands of dollars, Dr. shopped, went to the ER countless times, and even bought from strangers online where I drove hundreds of miles to obtain these pills. I have traded items I own such as computers, video game systems, and anything worth value. I had never been to work without being under the influence. My marriage has been in shambles and on top of everything I know my health has been deteriating. Recently I have been having sharp pains on my right side towards my back. So, last week I decided enough is enough. I am a slave to this substance. All I think about is getting my next batch of pills. So last Monday I started tapering off. Monday 10 pills, Tuesday 8 pills, Wednesday 6 pills, Thursday 4 pills and Friday 2 1/2 pills. Sat. and Sun. I stopped cold turkey and hoped for the best. I gave the last 20 pills I had to my wife with instructions of not to give me any unless it was a half of pill to sleep. So far, so good. I thought I was doing ok and heading in the right direction. So Sunday night I informed my wife I needed 2 pills because I "deserved them". She was hesitant to give them to me but I know she does not like to deal with my anger so she reluctantly gave them up. I'm glad she did. After just taking those 2 on Sunday, Monday morning on my way to work I felt sicker that I had all week while tapering off. I was nauseous and sweating majorly plus I had to stay at work all day. That's all it took. I don't want this poison anymore. Today is technically day 4 but after the slip up with those 2 pills it's 2 days completely clean. I feel great. I read this site alot while I deciding to stop and read how many people were going through what I was and it helped. For those who have posted their stories thank you. With that being said, if I can stop ANYONE can stop. I was in a bad situation and never thought I could function without them. I still have trouble sleeping but keep a half a pill nearby and use it only If I need it. So far I haven't needed it.

All I can say is YOU can stop! It is possible! A couple things that helped me.

1. When you decided to quit. Make sure you have a few that you can give to someone you trust. (If I didn't have any, I think I would be stuck in the mind frame that I needed to get more).

2.You have to be ready. I mean really fed up with your lifestyle. Admit you have a problem.

3.Tell yourself you can do it. I keep telling myself that I don't need this "poison". It is poison afterall. You wouldn't drink bleach everyday all day would you?

4. Stay away from those you used to "party" with.

I know these things are common sense and have been said over and over but if I can quit anyone can. I used this board for alot of information so I feel I owe a little back. Believe it or not marijuana has helped me get over this and that's next on my list to get out of my life.

Good luck everyone. You will make it. I'm in day 2 and feeling decent. Mind of matter folks.
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keep posting, tell us how you are in 3 weeks.
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Good job on your 2 days. Keep us posted on how your progress is over the next few weeks. Read up on PAWS and have a plan including what you are gonna do for after care. Quitting pills is the easy part, living life clean and making the changes vital to keep you clean and the mental struggle is the hard part. I am over 3 months clean and I have chronic pain. I am living life and facing my reality head on.  With the right plan and support you can too..
Best of Luck
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LOL That doesn't sound good. But I know I'll be fine in a few weeks. The last time I WD I couldn't even bear the 1st day. This time feels different. I hope things go well. I WILL keep posting.
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I am writing because (although I am not an M.D.) I think that there may be a chance that the pain you have bro...sharp pain in your side side radiating toward the back...is a warning sign that you have or are close to getting a condition called Acute Pancreatitis....look it up on the net when you have time. I hope you don't ever experience that, but if what you find on the net is not enough to scare you straight, let me do it.  Those pills (and alcohol) landed me in the hospital with an attack of Acute Pancreatitis. You wind up detoxing in the hospital for a week in the worst pain of your life an sweating like a pig for the first two days. They give you with NO FOOD OR WATER for the first three or four days in order to immediately shut down your pancreas because it is secreting so many enzymes that it is actually begining to digest itself.  If you are lucky they might let you chew on some ice cubes and that is all.  It an  awful condition and even worse treatment. The damage that it does to your pancreas is potentially life-threatening.  Please do some research and maybe see an M.D. regarding that pain.  I hope its not pancreatitis, but I had it, and you don't want it.  The reason I say this is because that specific kind of pain is one of the main symptoms of pancreatitis. Take care.
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i'm pretty sure your pancreas is on your left...liver is on the right
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appendix is also on the right. only sayin cuz i had mine removed last year.
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