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I have been off Suboxone for over 3 months after 8 years and a slow taper! I am finally where I have been looking to be. I have been eating right and working out! Getting back that energy I have been looking for in drugs for so many years! Now I just take my supplements, clean eating with little cheating, and enjoy going to Orangetheory Fitness everyday! I am saving money and losing weight! Finally reaching goals that just seemed impossible before! Thanks for all the help and questions answered the times I was struggling! I will continue to check in peridocly because not only through my meetings and doctor but you all helped me ways I can't thank you enough! For the new comers and the people who keep struggling like all of us do here Keep Coming Back!
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Well a HUGE congrats on your 3+ months off subs!!  That is HUGE!!  I remember you tapered for a long time and took it nice and slow.
You sound FABULOUS!  In every way:  physically, spiritually and mentally!!
Thanks for coming back to show others it can be done...those goals really do come true~
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This is an awesome post!  I too am clean off of Suboxone for 3 years 1 1/2 months (but who's counting, lol). You are showing people that it CAN be done!  Keep pushing yourself forward because it only gets better from here!  Congratulations to you and all your hard work.
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Awesome! Can't wait to see my results at three months, I'm at 8 days off pain pills and everyone says I look 10 years younger.... I have color again and face filling in. One tip: you would save more money avoiding orange theory lol ;)
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What a great post!!  Congrats on your clean time!  You sound simply wonderful~
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