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Just found out I am approx 4 weeks pregnant

Ok so I really hadent planned on having more children not only did I feel satisfied with the 2 I have but I have several back conditions I have 4 buldging discs 1 of which sits on my sciatic nerve. I have ben on pain mgment for about a year currently I am  on Nucynta 300mg/day and cymbalta 30mg (for fibromyalgia)I was curious if there is anypain medication that would be safe for me to take during my pregnancy> My pain specialist is currently weening me off both above drugs but I know that my pain is coming back and it's just not a livable sistuation with out pain mgment I dont sleep I can barely walk nothing improves it without my pain meds my pain is at a 10(on a scale of 1-10 10 being the worse)  litterally every day all day. I meet with my pain care on Friday and was hopng to have some safe ideas to throw out there forhim because I dont believe he has much experience with pregnant pain care.
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Hi there

I agree completely with snake....there are some safe medicines to take during pregnancy, as I'm on one myself and had to take pain medicine during both previous pregnancies as well, and there are a surprising number of safe options.

Just talk to your OB about it, and between your OB and your pain management specialist you should be able to come up with a game-plan.
I do agree that you should see your OB before tomorrow if you can...think you can get a walk-in today?

Also make sure that your OB is aware of the manner in which your PM specialist is weaning you off of the nucynta and cymbalta...you need to make sure he's doing it slowly enough to be safe for the baby.

Best of luck and congrats on baby #3! I'm pregnant with #3 as well; due next April.
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Hello, little momma to be---again! I'm sorry you have such bad physical problems. Okay, you need to see your OB doctor immediately and tell him/her about your physical history, and what you are currently taking for pain. Will the doctor be the same one that delivered your other children, or a new one? Next, the OB needs to contact the pain management doctor so they can talk--and especially to both be on the same page with your care. That also protects you legally from the get-go. OB doctors are supposed to be knowledgeable about these things and which pain control drugs are safest for you and especially the baby. If you can call the OB doctor tomorrow and maybe get a work-in appointment before your pain management appointment on Friday, you'll have done your part. I wish you all the best, and a safe, healthy pregnancy for you and the little one. Take care!
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