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Just have to post.

Hello my name is Kevin and I am an addict. I just had to post and talk alittle. First off alittle about me, I have 46 days clean, I have been trying to stay clean for a year but have relapsed some. I dont have very many friends. I live isolated in the mountains in California. My wife, son and mother-in law stay at the house with me. Yes it is hard with both my wife and mother-in-law but i'm trying to manage. lol obvisioly it hasnt worked yet. My son is 1 1/2 year old he is my pride and joy between him and my wife there the reasons I am getting clean. I checked myself into a drug program where I am taking group therapy so that does help on meeting people. but would like to become friends with people on here too. Alot of people on here have good idea's. I love hearing about other people's past too. I have no problem sharing mine as it is as it says.. the past.so thank you for letting me talk alittle and im sure youll hear alot more of me in times to come. Hope everyone has a blessed night and day
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46 Days...that is so GREAT...It sounds like you have a lot to live clean for.  I think the group therapy sounds like a really good idea.    I was clean for a while and relapsed and struggling for awhile also....i would love to ahvce 46 days CLEAN....i am pretty disgusted with myself for relapsing.  The depression that comes after quitting opiates kicks my butt....This is a great place to be  are right you can learn alot.  You just sounded a little down and i wanted you to know how proud you should be of yourself......
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Thank you for commenting. Yes I am proud of myself. Just taking it day by day and trying to find a full time job right now. I am a massage therapist. Thats the funny part is I go by the moto to get people out of pain the best way possible. and yet I was taking the pills. but not anymore im now doing what I teach. Hope your night is awesome and blessed be.
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hi KMdelune, I also think you are doing great and congratulations on so much clean time!  That baby is all the reason in the world to be doing what you are!  Plus your whole family of course too.  Many blessings to you, happy holidays, one day at a time, that's the only way to take this life, in my opinion!  You be proud of yourself, you deserve it! :)  peace  michele
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Yay go you!!
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Congrats on the clean time-you should feel so proud of yourself for making such positive changes in your life.  It will only get better from here. And if I may say-as a massage therapist you are a healer and help so many people...It's wonderful that you are doing it for yourself.  I wish you all the best...
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