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Just stopped hydrocodon, 8th day, cold turkey, 0 energy

Have 0 energy, any suggestions
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Have you considered Suboxone?
I’ve actually read many responses from people to try and stay off of that
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I’m sure. I just ask because it has been a life saver for me and you can start at a very low dose to curb your withdrawals and be slowly weaned from them. It’s jyst a more controlled taper and you don’t have to feel quite as miserable. It depends though on how bad your addiction to opiates is/was. You may do better continuing to wean as you are. But just know that is out there as an option (depending on your insurance or access to it). Lots of different feelings/experiences but for me it has been a God send. I had to be able to function for  my 3 kids.....
That’s great, so happy for you, was doing up to 8, 7.5 a day, had to stop, was getting out of control, still have to get the energy up Togo to work everyday, will get some counseling/some kind of help very soon, there’s no other option for me but to quit permanently!! TY for your response!
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Keep it up! You sound very determined and positive...and if you can sound that way during withdrawal there is hope!!!!!!
Thank you so much for the encouraging words, good luck to you also!!!
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Hello & welcone. Congrats on your clean time. You werent on a real high dose. How long did you take them for?
How are you feeling?
How are you handling your heart with drawl symptoms?
You are workng thru withdrawals thats awesome.
Your energy will return. Be patient with the Process.
Make sure you stay hydrated that is extremely important. Try to get some food in you some people can eat and some can’t. If you have no appetite at least try to eat yogurts, smoothies,  protein drinks, soups.
Keep on keeping on.
I’m happy to hear that you are  going to pursue counseling.  
Support during your recovery is essential. Do you have a spouse? do they know about your addiction?
You got this. Keep up the good work.
Sending support, healing & encouragement.
Yes my wife knows all about my addiction, she’s 100% behind me to get clean, she’s totally agrees with me seeking counseling, I do have an appetite and I do eat, I’ve actually just had surgery for cancer 10 months ago, so the pills gave me some additional “strength “ and made me feel good about myself, I had lost 40 lbs from the surgery, and I believe the pills have had something to do with me not gaining the weight back, so like I said, that’s more motivation for me to stop, ty for your support!
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Not heart
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Congrats on 8 days clean!!  You are doing great and have a good plan in place.  Energy is always the last thing to come back but it does.  Get up and move around as much as you can.  Your natural endorphins got lazy while you were using and they are working hard at getting back to normal.  Stay strong~
9 days now, my job actually is very physical, so I have no choice to get up and move around, won’t lie, it’s a battle everyday! Definitely not an easy thing to go through, the euphoria from the drug is hard to replace, but I can’t and will not go back, that’s not an option, Ty for your support!
How are you doing?
I’m doing pretty good, 18 days, still have the exhaustion, but I show some signs of hope every once in awhile, ty for your response
Doing great, 5 weeks now, starting to get some energy back!!
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