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Just to make it through a day

I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions. I have been out of detox for about two weaks, in that time I have tried very hard to stay sober. My problem is if I fo not have my boyfriend lock my car in the  garage and if I do not lock myself in the house, I end up using every time. I have an appointment in two day's ( Thursday ) for methadone maintinence. HELP!!!!!!
Any suggestions for a stranger?
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I couldn't sleep and was reading...If I may ask what was your addiction and maybe I can help?
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Well first of all have you really researched the whole methadone thing? It sounds like one huge nightmare. Worse than pain killers to get off of. and they put you through hell hoping to get your dose all the time.

have you gone through any type of counseling to find out the reasons you were using?
If you can tackle them, the physical part is doable.

We can help you with that.
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Methadone can be it's own nightmare. I suggest you bf takes you to NA meetings. Get some counseling as to why you use. It will help you. Look at the amino acid protocol in the Health Pages found at lower right of this page.
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