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Just wanted to share an OUTSTANDING App!

Hey everyone...I know I'm new on here, but I found something that is really helping me early on in my recovery (I'm on Day 6 opiate withdrawal), and thought I would share it in case anyone else could benefit from it as well.  It's an App for Ipad or Iphone called, Recovery Box....and I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone who is fighting the fight against their addiction.  You can put in your clean date, and even add a motivational pic to that screen that shows you exactly how long you've been clean down to the second, you can use the tools in it for a 12 step program of your choice, track your daily triggers and rate their severity from 0-10, and you add 'lights' daily.....these lights vary from green (a positive recovery activity), yellow (an act or situation that may put you in a bad place to use), and red (you used). Then there is an accountability tab....when you can email or text your daily input (triggers and lights) to your sponsor, counselor, or other person who is helping you with your recovery. I've tried a lot of apps, and found that this one is probably the best.  There are even motivations quotes on the lights page daily which i think are really great (who doesn't LOVE motivational quotes when they are in wd or recovery??!) and there is a link to the Serenity Prayer as well...which I think is outstanding REGARDLESS of your faith....the words spoken in the Serenity Prayer I feel can speak to EVERYONE going through this no matter what you believe faithwise. Overall I think it's a really great app, and hope that someone reading this and needs some help, checks it out....it's worth a try!
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Thanks for sharing that!! I say anything to help those struggling thru the first couple weeks is a great idea! Take care...
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Thanks for sharing!! Will take a look!
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That sounds cool. Did you go into a meeting in person yet?
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Meetings in person are so Awesome and WE all need some kind of Support.

What ever works for who is working it. I sure wish you the best throughout this on going Recovery. Keep up the Faith at all times and keep your Guard up too!
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