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Has anyone had any experience with Kratom? I've searched the web to see if it's addtive . I'm not finding anything. I was hoping it's something I could try until the depression stage gets better.  THANKS!
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Kratom is an opioid agonist, like morphine. Basically that's treating an opiate addiction w/ an opiate.

There's no "magic" cure, my friend. Just time and a program. Time and a program.
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IMO....Kratrom comes with its own demons.  If your looking to get clean, doing it with this is NOT a good idea.  It IS addictive and will just prolong what you will have to do anyway.  
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I used it and it worked wonders for me one teaspoon at 8am and one teaspoon at 6pm took it for 10 days and I feel great but it can be harmful check out youtube 100's of posts for the good and bad ..
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