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KYLE505 has 60 days!

It has been an honour to be a part of Kyle's journey to sobriety.  He's fought long and hard through to get to 60 days with a positive attitude and continues to tirelessly support others on this forum.  He has a wicked sense of humour and is kind and compassionate.  I am so proud of him and thrilled for his new lease on life!  He struggled for many years before taking the leap and his story is an inspiration to all.  Anyone sitting on the fence, you CAN do this!  Believe in yourselves.  

Awesome work Kyle!  Raising my herbal tea to you and wishing you and your family all the happiness in the world that you so richly deserve.
Much love
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   Kyle....that is so awesome!!!!!!!  WOOOHOOO!!!!...60 days ....WOW......can't wait to be there!  So happy for you!!!!!!!!!......Teri  :)
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Great job Kyle!  Thanks for being so much fun and for contributing selflessly to the forum!  xo
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Congrats on 60 days!  That is a great accomplishment.  Do something nice for yourself today and everyday~~~sara
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You go, kyle! I am so happy for and proud of you. You offer hope and inspiration to others. I enjoy posts like this! It gives me and others one may not be aware of that extra push to keep going. Congratulations! :)
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Woot, woot Kyle!  I'm so proud of you!  Keep it up!
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High Five Kyle!! Way to go! I am so very happy for you!~Bkitty
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Great job on 60 days Kyle!  

Sandy ♦
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Hey great job kyle!!!   Keep it up.  You are an example that this can be done !!!!  Be proud      Whatever you're doing to stay clean just keep doing it.
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Actually it's 90 days today. I gave Lu the wrong info yesterday.  90 days clean and loving it. Thanks to everyone
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90 is even better!  I thought 60 was not long enough.  Congrats!!!
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Awesome job man.  90 days is something to be proud of..
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OMG KYLE!  I would never rob you of those hard-won 30 days!  My bad everyone...Totally a clerical error on my part.

KYLE has 90 DAYS!!!!
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congrats kyle!! thats awesome!! life is so clear today! :)
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congrats dude good work keep on doing what your doing itd working for you the key to long term sobriety is aftercare good luck and God bless......Gnarly
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You DA MAN!!!!!! Congratulations! Playing you a loud and raucous saxophone solo to celebrate 60 measures--I mean days!
Margaret xox
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