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Kicking multiple problems

I was diagnosed with lupus 3 yrs ago, and through a long battle, i have been doing pretty well at staying in good condition and out of the ER for about 1 yr now.  At one point i was taking 60mg oxycontin and 8 percocet (5/325) daily.  I kicked oxycontin 1 year ago just by slowly tapering and i got off it!  I would never wish oxycontin withdrawal upon my worse enemy.  This Month (Sept 07) i have been depressed, started lexapro, while my percocet count is down to about 4 per day.  I have been wanting to kick narcotics completely for some time.  I had gotten some methadones this month, and i thought it was my ticket to freedom to assist me in kicking all the forms of oxycodone i have had.  I got 8 40mg methadone wafers and started taking 20-40mg per night about ten days ago (Sept 19).  I haven't had any methadone for about 2-4 days and the pain is very similar to when i didn't get my Oxy fix back in the day.  I NEED to get meth out of my system now and i would like to kick my percocets too. I have heard of Suboxone and Buprenorphine for [rapid] detox.  I read that methadone is really hard to eliminate from your system and withdrawals can last up to 3 weeks, longer then oxycodone! I didn't need my percocets in the duration on methadone.  I'm still vomiting from restarting my percocets (at a lower dose) is it from the methadone still in my system?  Wny opinions on what i should do to fix this drug circle i'm stuck in?  Thanks in advance and sorry for the length!
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I'm not familiar with that, but if I were you id try calling a drug hotline maybe they can help. I hope you get better soon goodluck
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Isit possible you can get into a treatment program? I think it is your best bet to get away from the cycle of replacing one drug with another.

Good Luck and Keep Posting.
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I agree with No Name and IBK,
You should call someone ,you are mixing a few drugs now ,I am not sure how well they mix, plus you have a illness on top of everything . A treatment program that can monitor  your health as well may be the way to go.
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