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Klonopin/Pain management

I have suffered 6 years with IBS, Irritable bladder, prostatitis, pelvic pain syndrome, tinnitus. I am now enrolled at Emory University Pain Management in Atlanta. I have been treated successfully with klonopin since 1998. I have not had to increase the doseage. I take .5mg to 1.5mg per day. I graph how much I am taking and have actually averaged .69mg per day over 30 weeks this year. Is this a good medication for pain, it gives me about 65% decrease in pain. I skip it on days I can deal with the pain and make sure that I manage the medicine. Is this a mild doseage? I feel I could easiy quit the medication if my pain would subside. I don't want to be addicted in time, but then again, I don't take it for a high nor have I found I have had to increase it over 3 years. I see that it is used in chronic pain syndromes. Neurontin did nothing nor did pamelor or elavil and the paxil I'm on now is useless for pain. Should I be concerned about taking Klonopin in my situation?


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You're taking a small dose of Klonopin. If you haven't felt the need to increase your dosage in 3 years, I'd say you're pretty safe and don't need to worry about abuse/addiction. Your body has become dependent on the med, however (normal with long-term use of any benzodiazepine). So if you ever decide to stop taking it, you'll need to taper off gradually -- *never* stop abruptly. But such a small dose should not be difficult to "wean" from at all. Klonopin is used to control seizures and anxiety, both of which could be components of your medical problems. The question is not whether it's a good pain med, but rather is it effective in controlling *your* pain? If so, it's probably much safer than most pain meds out there. A friend of mine has taken it for 5 years, 1 mg/day, with no problems. I hope this info is of some help to you. -- Milo
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my friend Milo speaks the truth. That's a very conservative dose considering how long you've been on it. Do heed MIlo's warning about SLOWLY tapering off the drug should you decide to discontinue it. I quit a sister drug of Klonopin, Xanax cold (a truly ignorant thing to do, looking back). The result was three seizures (for each time I tried to stop the Xanax). They were all devestating and only now am I beginning to feel "myself." So, listen to Milo on the subject of tapering off the Klonopin.

I'm a bit curious about how Klonopin works as a pain reliever for you. It must relieve the actual condition causing the pain, as opposed to what a narcotic pain killer would do. Good luck to you. (a big hello to Milo, too)

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Thank you for your excellent responses!
Klonopin is used in pain management for "abnormal nerve firing" which is in theory what causes most Chronic Pain Syndromes.
Spinal nerves are rapidly firing as if there is injury to tissue that most likely once was from infection, trauma. These nerves continue firing pain response even after the damage is done. It is a mystery sort of like Phantom Pain as in somebody who still feels pain in a arm although the arm as been removed.
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How are you doing, my friend? You continue to provide invaluable info to people on the forum. When I reply to someone new, I just about always refer them to your posts.
It's been an up & down summer for me. The great news is that my digestive problems, which have kept me in misery for the better part of 5 years, have resolved completely, at least for the last 3 months. Keep your fingers crossed -- most folks who don't have it have no idea what a crippling condition IBS can be. I've also had some success with some new writing projects, kind of branching out from my normal turf. That feels nice.
The bad news is that depression and anxiety still plague me. I can really feel for the posters who talk about social anxiety and just plain fear (I call it terror). But I'm hanging in there.
Take care, and let me know how things are going. --All the best, Milo
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OH my, sorry to hear you are one of many that suffer with IBS!!! I've had it since 96. I ended up in the hospital after 11 months. Left there with the "in your head" diagnosis and went home and couldn't sleep for 6 days! Well, I had burnout, nervous breakdown and spent 2 more weeks in the happy house. Best vacation I ever spent!!! I've read where stress leads to burnout and burnout can alter the chemical changes in your body even after you feel better. I think that's exactly how I ended up with these conditions of chronic pain.
Sorry about the anxiety, if you'd like to compare some info and support, e-mail me at ***@****

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I knew you were still up!!!  Glad i'm not the only one!
do you have IM  --- look for me on jennyinfla1004
I'll tell you some jokes!!!!  Although at suck at joketelling.
I say F*ck em too!!!!  I'm not a potty-mouth, but when appropriate, i'm not shy about telling it like it is!
Hang in there!!! Hope you feel better tomorrow!
:)  Here's a smile for you!
Lv Jenny
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You do make me laugh, and thank you for it! I have IM, but I'm not sure it works (I'm not exactly a techie), but it's the same as my e-mail address. Here's wishing you a peaceful night's rest and brighter things to come tomorrow. -- Milo
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GREAT NEWS about the bone growth! Hopefully that will relieve some of your pain and anxiety.
There's an interesting article on WedMD about pain management. I think you'd find it interesting & would love to hear your coments about it. -- Milo
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Thanks, Breck, I may take you up on the offer. Isn't IBS hell? I was sick for the better part of 5 years until my doctor stumbled upon a workable solution to stabilize me...The worst part is that no one who doesn't have this condition takes it seriously. People at work thought I was just slacking off while I was unable to leave the house to even buy groceries. (This was after I had proven myself almost ridiculously dependable and an excellent worker for years.) How sympathetic. Well, forget the polite, "Oh, I was having tummy troubles." If I have to miss work again, anyone who asks me about it is going to get the full details along the lines of, "Well, I spent yesterday s***ing my brains out, went to the bathroom about 14 times, eventually my a**hole was bleeding and felt like a piece of raw meat..." Gee, I wonder what they'd say to that? (Sorry, I'm not normally so gross, but I'm in a bad mood!) -- Milo
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Wow, how horrible that must be for you!!!
What a pain in the ass, literally (did i make you laugh -- i was trying too).
It's amazing how unsympathic some people can be, totally blind to other people's problems.
My brother suffers from IBS, and my sister to a certain degree too.
I remember on her wedding day, with a full beautiful white wedding dress, having such a 'bleeding' problem, her bridesmaids stood by her side, and assisted her with her bulky dress while she battled her problem (the bleeding part)!  She has to see a dr on her way to catch a plane for the honeymoon the next day -- bless her heart!!!
I feel for you, screw those people, and may they never have to suffer the misery of such an illness, because they don't sound like the types to be tough enough to handle it -- i commend you!!!
Lv Jenny
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Bless your heart -- yes, you did make me laugh. It feels great to be symptom-free for a while. You know, the same thing applies to depression -- people who haven't had it just don't seem able (willing?) to understand it. There's one person at work who is very open about their emotional & mental difficulties, including depression. Once I asked a co-worker her opinion of this person, and she said something to the effect, "I think she's crazy as a loon." How nice! Later this same co-worker wound up having to take antidepressants...Depression & anxiety have affected every area of my life from health to finances to work to relationships...yet some people act like it's no big deal, an excuse for slacking off, or just "weird." You say screw 'em, I say f*k 'em. (Sorry -- I guess I'm in a worse mood than I thought...it helps to vent...I'kk e-mail you later.) -- Milo
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so sorry to hear about the depression and other health problems. i've missed a lot of work in the past two years. thia university
of mediocrity i *work* at has good benefits at least. i can aquire
up to 6 mounths of sick leave. anything more than 6 mounths is
pooled (donated) for people who exhaust their sick leave time.

hey- thursday had 3 mounth checkup at neuro-surgeons office. the
x-ray study showed evidence of bone growth at the fussion site. this is something i've been worried about since my last surgery.
Such a rush of relief flushed thru me i almost passed out. the
cutter doc said a matrix of bone tissue is steadly filling in. in
november have 6 mounth checkup and MRI study, but the doc says
i can be pretty sure i'm out of the woods on this one. it has been such a discouraging, long, uphill fight. 2 spinal surgerys in 11 months! my wife kept telling me "there is a way thru this!" most of the time i tried to stay brave or at least look that way. i was so frightened the *worst* was going to happen. i hate to let fear control my life. usually the best thing i can do is confront anything that scares me. It has been difficult to confront my neck problems, as time is the healer. i know there have been periodswhere i really fell down on being brave. the salute should go to my wife, the most wonderful women in the world! I will probably have pain for the rest of my life, but at
least my spine is on the way to stability.

as Wizard would say, "keep moving towards the light!" I can't help but feel that with this forum's people and their support
we can get thru anything!

keep an angel on your shoulder
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Just got in and wanted to say hello and FANFRIKKENTASTIC news Kip! I so glad to hear about your bone growth. You know the drill, "Keep reaching for the light" man, it's gotta get better!
Milo, when I left you had said your father was doing well, I hope and pray things are progressing as desired. I'll catch up with you guys later as I want to bring myself up to snuff here.
Power & Magick 2 U,
Peace & Light on U 2,
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HEY WIZ!! Welcome back! My dad is doing great, and I have no doubt he had plenty of angels surrounding him in the hospital! I'll catch you up on my own status in an e-mail. Thanks for leaving a monkey with me while you were gone!
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Hey Kip, I'm hanging in there. I too admire the folks here who take time to help others even when all hell is going on around them.
This depression business is weird and something I just can't figure out. Maybe it's an effect of too many barbs over the years? Or maybe it's the fact that I keep having to face some fundamental stuff in my life that I just don't know how to deal with. Anyway, I feel "OK" today. This forum has been a godsend. Keep growing those bones -- Milo
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thankyou for your encouragement and comments about my good news in
the bone growth of my fussion. How are you doing? It is always up-
setting to hear a fellow forum member fighting of depression. This
stuff with your father (even though the outcome looks good), can
really sap the physical,emotional, & spiritual energy right of a
person! Fortunetly you already know the way out of deppresion is
by becoming invloved helping friends (forum & otherwise) out! I
admire the ability of so many people (like you) on this forum to
"get out of themselves" when depression sets in. I'm glad things are going well with your father too!
your back! good! hope you were able to cut loose a little bit on
your vacation. vacation.... thats something i never thought i would
imagine myself doing 20 years ago. i guess a person doesn't have to
join the "rank and file realm of *normal people*" to do. I don't think any of us forum people, even after we clean up our hand have
to worry about becoming *normal* (thank god). it's good to see you post again!
keep an angel on your shoulder
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Kip, Great news about your bone growth, that really put a smile on my face this morning!

Milo, we're here for you, the depression will only be temporary, you've been through a lot lately... great news about your dad!!!!!

Love you both, Jenny
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Hi Milo,
Thanks for caring!
Things aren't going great right now, but i imagine they could be worse, and have been in the past.
i'm just taking the defeated road right now and crawling back into my shell; it's safer inside right now!
Hope your depression is lifting, and your dad is doing better!
You're in my prayers!
Lv Jenny
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Hey girl.....I was thinking about you and how you were doing....I'm having an AWEFUL weekend....hope your doing good...
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Hi, My pain dr just put me on Klonopin 1mg 3 x per day for pain in shoulder area and neck due to arthritis..I am only in my mid 30's, but was very athletic when i was younger. And still lift weights and stuff. It is weird. He is a pain doctor, yet he said he cannot write scripts for pain meds like codeine, lortab and ever soma with codeine anymore, so, he now has me on Klonopin...Any suggestions, on what i may expect from this drug in the long run? Thanks and peace!!!
Aaron Baker
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HI you posted on a really old post its best to start at the top of this page in the green box marked post a question and start your own thread...as for your question klonopin is a benzo its normally given for anxiety and panic disorder it can have some mussel relaxing quality's but soma would be a better choice...something is really wrong if he cant give out narcotic meds and he's a pain management dr so you need to find some one new
keep in mind benzo like klonapin are highly addictive as are the narcotic pain meds
your better off avoiding both if you can....good luck and God bless....Gnarly    
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I have chronic back pain it take 20:MIN atleast everymorning just stand up straight had my second emg done last month the emg hurt bad the second time the first was tolorable the last one hurtvso bad icwas in tears walking out of the office 5 days later I noticed a knot where the wire was inserted in my back couldn't walk stand call the nureologists office they said call your primary care doc who will give nothing other than naproxen nuronten & tramadol sovim hoping the neurologists can do something or give me something to help with this. I have been like this since 05 & in 09 finally talked to doc about it thinking its time for a new Dr
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