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I would like to know how to safely taper off klonopin (Rivotril).I SHOULD be taking 1mg 3 times a day, but for the last several years i've tripled my dose to 3/1mg 3 times a day.

I was prescribed klonopin 7 yrs ago at the same time as anitdepressants. I've weaned myself off the antideprssants a few months ago. Why was i prescribed klonopin? Was it to optimize the antidepressants? Anyways, i'm feeling much better and all i need is this last step to be completely drug free.

*Note to others who post here*

Why is it that i get this weird feeling that some people seem to think that their posts r less important or enlightning than others? What the heck...? In my humble opinion, and after reading posts here for more than a month...seems to me that every single post, long or short, serious or funny, enlightening or down in the dumps, whatever drug is affecting our lives...ALL THESE POSTS HAVE THEIR PLACE HERE.

Isn't this forum a place for us all to get off any stuff?

Being human...means mistakes...downers...humble acceptance and so many times here...victories...maybe small ones...but victories all the same...but ALL of the time...all of the posts r so very true.So...what ever the name attached to a post...i read every single word..and..however long or short it may be...in some way...it encourages me to get clean.

I'm a working mom with 3 boys ages from 3 to 16. One of my boys has a chronic medical problem. I'm a single parent and after alcohol and pills galore in the familly history, i truly want to get off this stuff. Take care everyone.
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You were prescribed klonipin in all likelyhood to deal with anziety. Anziety and depression are frequent companions.  The klonipin is usually prescribed for the first 30days of drug therapy.  It is then disconinued when the antidepressants start to work.  

Klonipin is a difficult addiction to shake. You will need to withdraw slowly, ideally under the care of a physician.  Clonidine seems to help with the tremors, sweats and anziety that goes along with the withdrawal.  Clonidine will also help prevent seizures.  I suggest that you withdraw over a 6 month period by slowly decreasing the dose.

There is no one post that is any more important then the next.  There are posters who provide better information than others. Keep looking and sooner or later you will find what you need. Leave the rest.
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I agree with you everyone's addiction is as important as the next.  They are all different and unique, as well as everyones withdrawal symptoms. Some people are stronger than others. In my addiction my physical withdrawal has always been worse than my mental. I am trying to slowly detox from Methadone, I'm down to 6mg. after being on 65mg for more than 15 years. So far I am coping but I am worried what will happen when it gets to nothing!I am trying vitamins, lots of water, exercise and yoga. It has helped.  I am hoping and praying that it will continue to help when it gets to 0 mg!! Hang in there everyone! We are all there for you...
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So, you are taking 9mgs a day of Klono? That's a sizeable habit, and a comfortable taper from that amount can take a long time, a year or more.

Please don't get frightened by what I say. Everyone is different and this is just my experience. I was taking 10-15 mgs Klono for a few months, valium before that. I went cold turkey and had a very, very hard time with it. Didn't sleep at all for a long time, didn't eat, and had a host of other horrible symptoms.

Benzo withdrawal is very serious business. If you are taking 9mgs a day, that's equivalent to over 100mgs of valium I think. It's certainly more than should ever be prescribed for anxiety. I've only heard of epileptic patients being prescibed a dosage that high.

So, a long slow taper is the way to go. What is your psycological connection to the pills? Are you addicted to the effect they produce? If not, tapering will be much easier.

I came across the following site when I was in withdrawals and it helped immensely...

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I'm sorry to hijack this thread, but I've been trying to make a post here for a really long time.  It never lets me, so I tried this and its working, so I'm going for it.

I am desperate to talk/email with others like me: hydro addict got clean after 8 months of constant use on 10/1.  Started on tramadol right after ~ doc said it was not addictive, YEAH RIGHT @SSHOLE! ~ now I'm detoxing myself off of that.  

I'm so sad and scared and I dont know where to turn.  The sponsor from the NA group I had been attending made me feel like the tramadol mess was my fault for "not taking responsibility for my own recovery" even though I asked the doc if tramadol was addictive and he said no (before you ask ~ this doc knew ALL about my hydro addiction).  

I'm the mother to 2 sons, 7
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BTW, you need a new na sponsor fo r sure!  but that is my opinion No one should get on you fo r your efforst to want to be clean , even just going to na and wanting, even though u are not clean is the hugest step!  DO not let anyone rain on your parade or make you blame yourself more than we addicts already do. We have enough guilt and shame .. not to be put it on by a fellow addict!  the guilt and shame is part of the addictive cycle that actually keep sus using!  Another great excuse to use... feeling bad about our inability to stop!
Do not succumb to that and do not let an uninformed Na member rag on you!
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Hang in there, read the post and keep posting people will respond and help you through this. If you need someone to email you can reach me @ ***@****, I try and check it several times a day. Good luck!

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Are you tapering or going cold turkey off of the Ultram? The Recipe is designed for cold turkey detox. For the first 4 or 5 days, the benzo should help you stay calm and weather the storm. During this period, you do not take the L-Tyrosine. After acute withdrawal is over, the L-Tyrosine will help you overcome the post-wd malaise (lack of mental, emotional and physical energy).

It's important that the use of Recipe ingrediants be timed properly. If you're tapering, don't try the L-Tyrosine until you're done. Only use it if it gives you the lift you need to get going. If it causes anxiety similar to the "coffee jitters," discontinue it.

If you'd like a copy of the Recipe with full directions, write me at:

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I think Alanon will help you the most.  I know there are sites, forums, messages boards out there for the spouses of addicts, I just dont know exactly where.  

If you dont find any in the next few days, let me know and I'll find them for you.  I love to search for things on the internet, so its no problem.  But right now its hard for me to post here, so searching now is out of the question.

I would love to help you find what you are looking for, but I just cant manage it now.   Seriously, if in a few days you havent found anything, let me know and I'll search for you.  You can email me ~ my email address is in one of my first posts here.  

Keep going to Alanon!  Your husband is lucky to have  you!
Lee Ann
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Thanks for the info. I've allready posted about my intention to stop klonipin and Thomas was also nice to have told me to be carefull about tapering.

Problem is my doc lectured me the other day about staying ON my meds. Even if i tried to explain to him that i felt better and don't want to continue meds for depression, doc said that if i wanted help from one of his therapists, i HAD to stay on them. Ok..i didn't admitt to him that i had tripled my klonopin doses for the last few years...geez....

So heres how i see it. If i want to taper off this klonopin...can't do it with this doc i am seeing. Gotta keap up this charade about pretending to be on meds so that i can get to see the therapist for free and work on my inner self. (can't afford to pay for therapist...gotta small budget with kids and all).

Guess i have 2 choices left. Go see another doc to taper off the drug or taper off on my own.

I'd rather do it on my own. Seeing docs is not my joy in life. And just thinking of trying to explain all this stuff to a new doc just gets me real down and scared the hell outa me. Don't think i'll find one who understands...know what i mean?

So i'll start tapering real slow. Give myself a 6 month period to do so and see how it goes. If any one has any ideas, suggestions, wise words about tapering off klonopin...well...i'd welcome them!

Thanks bodymechanic for the tapering advice and sharonver...i here ya and surely someone here in forum will help you through the tough times...i'm sure!!! Merci! (genetic genes half french...lolll) Whippet:)
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Well hellbent, i am frightened about my benzo abuse. Your post just confirmed that its about time i did something about it.

I like the feeling that this klonopin gives me. I've had a chat with Thomas a few posts back, about my love for the feeling of opiates. (I was in the hospital for a few days and had demerol as many times as i could ask for it.) 2 years ago i also has back surgery and discovered the wonderful feeling of morphine.

The last time i posted, i was just about to find myself a prescription for opiates...just to get that good feeling i had in the hospital, but after reading Thomas's post, i thought about it real hard and stopped myself from getting them.

Somedays, i can skip a complete dose of klonopin and i don't feel the need for it somedays. So that is why starting january, i'm going to see a therapist to find out why i need to dull some of my days. But most of the time, i do take the drug to give me a boost. (Well, if you can call it a boost...whatever.) And after reading your post and bodymechanics post, i'm getting scared that this up and down intake of klonopin is dangerous.

I really was in full blown depression 7 years ago when i started klonopin. I feel much better today depression wise and if i can just find out why i need to *fix* some parts of my days with these drugs, maybe i could be totally clean soon.

Gonna visit the link you posted about this drug.

Merci for you help! Whippet:)
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I don't know if you've read my comments on the thread above, but I completely relate to how you're feeling.  I, too, am considered so together, I'm the one who takes care of everyone/everything.  But now, I'm coming apart, because the magic pills have lost their magic, and I know that I have to end this madness, and let everyone know what's going on with me.  Then, and only then will I be able to stop this charade of being "superwoman".  At age 57, my body can't take this abuse.  Both of taking the pills, and the withdrawals.  I did get off all opiates a couple of moths ago, with the help of tramadol.  I guess the tramadol didn't make me feel good enough to get mentally addicted, because I stopped those easily.  It's the norco I can't stop.  Every day I mean to, but I don't have the will, especially when I have pain as soon as I awaken.  I wake up every night in terror, knowing I can't function without them, but every day I take them again, feel guilt again, and fear, etc.,etc.,etc.  This is really getting old, and I want the real me back.  I know at one time, I had natural energy, was in really good shape physically and mentally.  Now I'm not either.  So, you see, eslad, I am right where you are, and another - Southernbelle.  Read her posts.  Maybe we can all help each other.  Get the "Recipe" that's posted in one the the threads.  It does help.
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Oh thank goodness someone noticed me.  I've been refreshing the page all day since I posted.  You dont know what it means to me, you really dont.  Thank you!

I can totally relate to everything you wrote.  Wanting the terrible cycle to stop.  Wanting the real me back.   Fear of dealing with the pain with any narcotics or Ultram (I have a bulging disc, L5-S1).  Knowing that there was a time when I could function without the help of some drug ~ I know I did, but its hard to imagine I did now.  How will I ever do it again?  When will this nightmare end?  When?  And to top it all off, it was me that did this to myself.  I have alot of self hate right now.  

I'm crying with gratitude that you acknowleged me, 1st24.  Thank you so much!

I've got the stuff from the Thomas formula and I'm taking it but I dont feel much of anything except fear and anxiety (sorry for the bad spelling).   After I found the formula, I started researching a few other amino acids for withdrawal/detox and got some others to go along with the formula.  Still, nothing much good is coming from it yet.  But I'll keep it up and hope some good feelings start up soon.

Again, if anyone wants to email with me, feel free.  My email is ***@****

Yours in this terrible addiction ~
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Try www.presciptionabuse.com, good luck and thanks for your postings!

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How are you doing today my friend?

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How's it goin today?

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How long do you have to be on klonopin before your addicted or get WD from them.  I have used it sparingly with the thomas recipe.  They do help with the anxiety and the paranoi feeling I still have from WD. Coming off this oxy/ per habit of a year, it is going to be a few more weeks of WD.  It is just like meth WD.  It is not over in a few weeks.  I am working out, going to NA, but do not want to substute another drug with more WDs.
Any body got any answers, alot of you have seen my posts over the last3 weeks.
Strength and Honor
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how much have you been taking and for how long.
im sure you wil get more info posted.klonopin is a
sedative-hypnotic(benzodiazepine caterory of drug)
one way to taper is .25 1 a day week 1
.25 every other day week 2
25. every thrid day week 3
then off.

you should always taper under the doctor hho prescribed it to you

everything is subject ro revision especally what we know about thr truth.
i welcome anyone else's in put, to help answer your question,

peace !!!  hippy, your  freind michael
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Klonopin is a long acting benzo, so it is not surprising that you feel no ill effects after not taking in for a day. However, give it 2-3 days and you will likely experience some very bad withdrawal symptoms, that will last a long time, much longer than opiates... again, not to scare you, but you need to know what you are in for.

7 years is a long time to be on benzos, and the longer you are on them, the worse the w/d will be, in terms of duration and severity. Do some research on this, and get a taper schedule you can live with, but that also gets you off of them while you still have breath in your lungs. The fact that you like the feeling of benzos may be a real problem in terms of sticking to a taper schedule, sad to say, but it is possible.
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i know exactly what you are going through-i went through hydro detox several years ago only to be drawn back due to Ultram (tramadol)--my orthopedist used to get tons of samples so i had what seemed to be a never ending supply--and guess what! IT IS ADDICTING AND CAN LEAD YOU RIGHT BACK TO HYDROCODONE--thats what happened to me! it really didn't give me the same feeling as the hydro's but at the time it was better than nothing. Ortho-McNeil did a heavy marketing job on a lot of doctors touting the wonders of Ultram and how it was "non-addicting"  it is also very expensive! they now have warnings that if a patient has had problems in the past with hydrocodone that it should be given with caution. I did experience some withdrawal symptoms from tramadol but nothing like the hydro's.--I am 14 days post hydrocodone hell--this sight has been a Godsend--I really don't know how i made it this far except for the wonderful people here--continuing to post and continuing to offer hope and encourgement.  good luck my thoughts and prayers are with you and together we can get our lives back--one minute, one hour, one day at a time--n.o. lady
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Does anyone know of a site i can go to....that deals with families of addicts?  You have all been a great help to me.  I understand addiction better now than before...and going to AA and NA meetings has helped a whole lot too.  But i have questions about being the member of the marriage who isn't addicted and the anger and frustration i feel sometimes.  I know he did this to himself...but at the same time...he stole a part of me.  I can't trust as easily, i can't look back to the good times and think of them as good...because he was high.  I am having a really bad day today...and would just like to have someone to relate to.  Anyone know of anything i can do? or go to?  
I am off to an AlAnon meeting now.
I am really trying to help him....but somedays i just want to scream!
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Thanks for the info.  I just got back from the Alanon meeting.  It wasn't any help at all.  I am going to try another meeting next week...in a different place.  I am not giving up, but this one was not what i needed.  I guess i don't really know what i need.  Actually i do know what i need.  I need my life to go back...and have all this erased.  But that is likely not to happen.  So i will continue to support him the best i can.  The thing is that my education, job, social life, emotional well-being, appearance etc. has all changed because of this stupid pill.  All i have to say is that if he ever puts a pill in his mouth again...he might as well put one in mine...because it effects me just the same.  I am going to keep coming here....even if i do find the right support group...because you people help me understand what HE is going through....and if it wasn't for that...i would still be blaming him for what i thought he did to me.  He did it to himself....and didn't mean for it to hurt me.  I understand that....somedays.  Anyways, for all of you doing the Jan.1st quit date.....CONGRATULATIONS and i wish you the very best....and will be thinking about you.  For those you are trying....keep trying...IT IS WORTH IT.  When you think it couldn't possibly be worth all this pain....keep trying.  IT IS WORTH IT.  Sometimes i wish i could take a pill or have a drink...like tonight...to numb my feelings.  But i know it is not the right way to go...i know that eventually i will have to deal with this problem...and a pill or a drink is just delaying the inevitable.  Thanks again for taking the time to answer my question.  I really appreciate it.  Also, to eslad...you don't have to do a search for me....:)  Thanks for the offer though...it was really sweet.  I have a tendency to do that as well...i take everyones problem...make it mine and then try to fix it.  I don't know if you are the same way or not.  
Well off to search.
Thanks again :)
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Rex1 - Doing good, how's the back!

Everyone - Have a Happy New Year and be safe!

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I think that you will find Alanon and Naranon very dissapointing.  They lead you to believe that it is you have a disease and need to work AA steps. They take concerned and loving wives and label them as co-dependents. This may or may not be true.  The best message to take from Alanon is that you cannot control your partners behavior so take care of yourself.  

Read the chapter in the AA big book addressed to wives and families. I think this will give you some good insight. Also, I believe that this type of situation is Dr Horvaths field of expertise.  He may be able to give you more help than anyone.
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A year is a good time frame for a taper. Slow but steady. Email me you if you like...I'm at 4 mgs of valium down from a crossover of 6 mgs of Xanax a day. It has been 7 months so far for me. Anyway, I'm posting my email addy..I seem to remember we're not supposed to but I don't remember why so if the moderator doesn't like I guess they can pull the post.

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