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Knowing i should quit..but don't fully want to..

I have all the reasons to quit using opiates--but in my sick head i just want to continue..I have stopped using already, i am 19 days clean and feel fine--just bored. I know i should quit, but knowing is just not enough i guess. I should be done with this **** to better myself, my life and just as important, to continue my brothers sobriety (He has finally stopped and is finally in a positive mindset, i really don't want to jeopardize that)

So my question is, What if you just don't want to quit but know you should? What things should i do to make my mind change? How do you do that..Im still young and i feel that since im young i should be able to do drugs, thats what people do when they are young..Sometimes i just want to get wacked..ya know?..I know i'm screwy lol but i cant help it anymore. Any suggestions would be great!! Thank You
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If you want to do drugs, then smoke a j or pack a bowl or something that doesn't leave you with a monkey on your back.  Many people do dabble with opioids and walk away.  Unfortunately, many don't walk away and find themselves 40 years older and still dependent and lucky to be alive and on a methadone clinic.  Many people use for a length of time and walk away and use again, then walk away and use again and all of a sudden, the opiods set their hooks into them.  Some people can be chippers their whole lives, but there isn't any way to tell for sure if you are one or not.  I'm an opioid addict and love opioids, so I can sure understand you liking the way they make you feel.  Just be careful.  The best way is to stay away.  Btw, I am dependent on methadone that is prescribed for chronic pain from my lower back.  I am status post fusion L4-S1.....I am fused from L4-S1....two layers.
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If you check out the archives, you will see I am not exactly new to medhelp.
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