Does anyone khave experience with this. I hear it help wd symptoms
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From what I've heard, Kratom can be addictive too.  I would think it would be wise to stay away from it.  What kind of habit are you coming off of?  Are you tapering or going cold turkey?  Do you have any aftercare plans in place?  Have you ever tried to quit before?

Best of luck to you!
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Yes -I actually do have experience with this.If you have any kind of habit at all then kratom is nearly worthless.It took away my symptoms for about 30-45 minutes then I had to take double what I took to start with for any effect.At that point I gave up on it.I also felt it was kind of poisoning and toxic in my system.Seemed like it made my liver area feel strange. I would not waste the money on it.
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Just courious. I am 5 months clean from pain killers, havering cravings. I will go to an meeting at 5. I have been 5 months clean before and screwed up. Will not make that mistake again. I just saw an add for kratom and though it sounded interesting. Thanksnformyoumexperiance  I will stay strong
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Yea it's not interesting-trust me   keep your five months and spend the twenty dollars on a good meal or some supplements.It is an opiate high and will lead you right back to whatever you were using because you will be pissed that you didn't get a good enough buzz off of it.lol  
Awesome job on the 5 months buddy. Cravings will go away if we wait them out.   remember we could always use someone with your experience to help here on the forum by answering questions.There are always plenty of people on here going through the hell of active addiction and looking for tiny bits of hope.  Hang in there  for today-that's what I'm doing

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Going to a meeting is the right thing to do!  You need to learn what you can about your addiction, and learn how to handle the cravings when they pop up (and they will from time to time).  The WORST way to handle a craving would be to medicate with another pill...that's just continuing the same addict behavior.

I'm curious though, you initially asked if Kratom would help with w/d symptoms.  You're 5 months clean, are you still having w/d symtpoms?  If so, what?  It's just a bit confusing because you asked about w/d symptoms first, then later said you were looking into it for cravings.

Good job heading to the meeting.  Go every day, twice a day if you have to!  5 months is awesome progress!!  Be proud of how far you've come, while at the same time, keep in mind that you are fairly early on in your recovery, so risk for relapse is high.  You must do whatever it takes to keep yourself from relapsing.

Looking into Kratom is definitely a sign that you're in the stages of relapse.  Relapse starts in the mind before you ever even get NEAR a pill/drug.  Aftercare is just SO important...arm yourself with the knowledge and power you need to stay clean!!

Very best to you!
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What is Kratom?  
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It is a plant.It has opiate properties. They sell it in capsules or bulk powder over the internet or in some head shops.
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I used Kratom to mitigate my early time off of Methadone/Subs. While it will help w/ your symptoms when you're really ill - (at least it did for me, boy was I sick.) - I can't imagine why you'd want to use it 5 mos. in unless it is a prelude to relapse as NurseGirl6572 suggested, I found, in my short time on it that even w/ short abstemious use tolerance builds quickly. I dropped it quickly. I've also been to Kratom forums and seen people describe terrible habits on it. It's used as Methadone replacement in New Zealand, is banned in Thailand and grown under license in Australia. This should say it all. It's not a 'narcotic' officially but it hits the same receptors. A rose, is a rose is a rose was my final analysis. So, don't fool yourself. Keep up the good fight and congratulations on all your hard work.
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Hi.....if I where you I would stick clear of the cratom....we have had members try it to eaz the withdrawals only to come back here months later tring to get off the kratom it is addictive your best bet will be to taper off the narcotics or jjust jump ship and ride it out....just know that you dident becom addicted over night and it will take some time to get well time clean will be on your side if you take the addvise Kratom is no way to go  as addicts we always look for an ezer softer way of doing this....my addiction conslor always told me that the pain of withdrawals is a nessary part to recovery keep posting for help we all want to see you get clean....................................Gnarly
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Hello, I've been off suboxen for almost 3 weeks and have been using Kratom to help. I've finished a bag of 15 mg spread out over the 3 weeks. I picked up another 15 mg and wondering how long it takes to develops tolerance and start experiencing withdrawls? I take any where from 4-6 capsule a day. Anyone know?
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Hi MikoGirl,
            It would be a good idea to post your question separately. You'd get more responses that way plus this is a thread posted by someone else. Just hit the orange 'post a question' button at the top of the page. You can also Private Message me about Kratom if you don't want to post.
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It helped me, barely. Not even for an hour.
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It varies a lot in quality. I did a lot of research and talked to some people in the know before I ordered it. You also have to put vinegar or lemon in the tea in order to extract it's alkaloids. Still, it's pretty short acting but it does take care of the energy problems and sleeplessness in a violent early W/d's. That said - you really have to know yourself before you take something like this - even for a short period of time.
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Okay, I will have to throw in my .02 cents on this topic.
Kratom WILL alleviate about 70-80% of Withdrawal symptoms. I went on a 3 week period using prescribed Oxycodone and ran out, and used Kratom. I still had the sweats/chills and overall melancholy feeling , and zero energy, but I was able to sleep 8 hours a night and did not have RLS.
HOWEVER, when it came time to stop the Kratom ( after 2 months in my case) , I went into w/D's JUST like w/d'ing from a mild opiate. It wasn't nearly as bad as c/t off of oxy, HOWEVER I did not sleep for 4 nights and had extreme RLS. Also felt depressed and had a terrible headache for about 9 days.
I am now on day 11 clean from everything, and getting back to normal.
Moral of the story? There are no free lunches. Kratom, while not technically an opiate, does come with its own set of w/D's. Not as bad as oxy w/D's  , but no walk in the park either. Beware.
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I am five months clean, I tried to get kratom five months ago with no luck, then saw a head shop selling it, i I got my curiosity ...thanks for the post,, I have no desire to use it.....made to to my meeting and lost my craving,,,I am prepared to fight off every craving that comes my way,,,,,no way I am going back.   Thanks to all
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It's not used in New Zealand anymore as I asked about it as well.
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Thanks for the update Jean! Good to know.
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Kratom is just as dangerous as any addictive drug.
I had a bad experience with it abusing it for 16 months after I was on hydros. The withdrawals arejust as bad as ccoming off opiates. For me the depression and anxiety were ten times that of coming off opiates.
Now keep in mind I abused it bad!  But that's what us addicts do right?  
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Although it does take some time to become addicted to Kratom - I ran into it in SouthEast Asia during Vietnam......and it also has a minimal effect that does mitigate low level WD symptoms.....I also know of at least one instance when the Kratom had pesticide/insecticide residual on the leaf. It caused multiple organ failure - - - - there is no FDA in SouthEast Asia to look out for your safety.. Be safe!!
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I researched this a long time ago. Although I am not advocating, I think it's important to realize it was banned in its native Thailand not because of adverse affects, rather, people were using it instead of Opium, which was taxed, Kratom wasn't. Government lost revenues. It's always all about the money!!
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My experience is it is dangerous. Only because it is addictive. A lot of folks take it then take a two or three day break and notice minimal wds and assume the wds are easy. My experience is the worst of the wds are days 7-8. Mentally horrible wds too.
It does work to step down from a ad stronger drug if used responsibly. I'll never touch it again. If anyone is interested in knowing more send me a msg.
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The main thing I am aiming at is using kratom to prevent anxiety and stress I have.
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Try excersise. Kratom is addictive regardless of what people say. Maybe if you only use it once a week you'd be fine but once a week turns into everyday usually.

There are some yahoos trying to act like it's no more addictive than coffee, bulls...!  Think about it, it acts on opioid receptors of course it's going to be addictive. In my experience and I have it, the withdrawals are just as severe as any opiate.
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And if you hate anxiety now wait till the kratom backfires on you like it did for me. That's anxiety, then you have to go through withdrawals because you can't take it anymore because of the negative reaction!
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