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Hey all!!!! So very sorry for being late with this months Roll Call!!! I've been battling some of my own demons but haven't given in!! So.....here's EVERYONE'S opportunity to brag about their clean time. Even if its only hours cuz we gotta start somewhere right?!? So proud of the newer members for taking that first difficult step in admitting they have a problem and then finding us and asking for help. It WILL get better so hang in there!!! Keep your guard up, guard that clean time, and stay strong everyone!!! I really need to hear some positive stories right now!!! Stay strong!!!-A
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You know i am always around sister girlfriend.  I expect to see a pm.  Bossy you say?  YEPPPPPPPPPPPP
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18 months TODAY! Super stoked!
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34 days!!
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4810126 tn?1503942735
(Hey! What happened  there?)
<<<<<<>>>>> (With A Bullet!)
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Whelp, ..(meekly),,163 days....!
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48 Days...Best high i've ever had!
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17 days opiate/tram free.
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202 days!!  so grateful to be here and to have found this site and the friends here!!  feels great to be clean!!!  and grateful to have a loving family!!
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7 months and one week......
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8 months today
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    0.890411  years    things are good
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46 days.
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426 days opiate-free, 195 days nicotine-free, and 12 LOOOOOONG days of phenibut-free :))
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348 days>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Feeling great today! coming up very close to a year! I am very proud of myself and I will continue to take my life back and LIVE IT! being happy loved and blessed and most of all clean!
Everyday life gets better and my advice for those that are starting out or those that are struggling keep after it hour or day by day ! You will see a light at end of tunnel and remember KEEP Your Guard up always! Like Sara says your life depends on it! and thats the honest truth! God bless you all <3
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Day 45 and feeling great everyday. I have not had one craving, even when hydro was offered to me 3 times. Like dominosarah always writes , I am keeping my guard up!! ;)
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1,384 days and thankful for everyone ! MedHelp friends and comrades is part of my strength and I want to thank each and everyone of you . Stay strong ! Jimmy
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Is that a Star date !    : )
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3 years 4 months 4 days clean!

2 months Hep C FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (Post interferon/riba)
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17 days clean, one day at a time!
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306 days!!! I haven't been keeping track lately bc things have been sooo crazy. Its so hard to believe tht in 59 days it will b a year! WOW! this year flew right in by and I'm enjoying my new CLEAN life!!! :) congrats everyone and stay strong!!!
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48 days :)
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31 days Tramadol and 11 days cigarette FREE!   Sleeping well,  pushing through,  and SO thankful for this site and to be able to be a part of roll call this time around!
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As i sit here smokin a cig, wishin L-Lady would get me off them.

9 intire months exactly today off opiates this time.  After using for 9 months in 2012 from being clean 18 months from 2010.

Still aint beat the deamon, just find ways to hide ie work, family, alchahol, but what if they were gone?  I know there's solutions somewhere,  I have so many issues with some of those who carry that one book..........
Anyways, i love everyone on mh, as different and similar as we all are, "it takes a village".  
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