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Last day of methadone is tomorrow..I'm very anxious

Today I took 2mg and tomorrow my last dose of methadone.  I am SO anxious my stomach is churning and I have no motivation. I go back to work a week from today and I'm terrified.  How do I cope with the anxiety?
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Hello & Welcome!
How many yrs where you on the Methadone?? How high on the MG did you get up too? How long of a Taper did you do? I ask these questions so we can understand a bit more about this.
I came off of a 12 yr ride on Methadone. Was way up there in mg a day but cut back after many, many yrs. That is when I got myself in a mess because I bought Adderral off the streets and was snorting them together for the buzz like my old crank days..DUMB!!! Took a Benzo at night to come down..Went c/t at around 30-60 mg ( would go up & down again). Came clean in the yr 2012.   I am not sure how high your Anxiety is right now. I know mine was on the moon for a long time, but each day, after weeks later, it started to come down. I would take D3, Magnesium, Potsium and Calcium to kind of calm down. They also have a light BP med they give ppl who are in w/ds from opiates called Clonidine. I could only take it at night and it did help a bit with the Anxiety and Sleep. The Stomach has receptors in them too, just like the Brain and other parts, so as you start to heal, you could get stomach issues and run to the bathroom. Try to keep yourself re-directed the best you can. Walk, Exercise, Sun and Music will help stimulate those Brain Chems that got a bit unbalanced when we were using. Eat Healthy, drink TONS of water, take some good vit/min. Look for food that has tons of Antioxidants in them and Protien is good for the Brain. After we remove these drugs we have to replenish what we have lost.

Keep checking your post, as I am sure others will chime in. Some days are a bit slow out here. Let us know how you are feeling as time go bye.
YOU will be Fine in Time and then the real work comes in. This is the part that will take Support and other means. We will walk with you all the way.
Do you go to any meetings?? Church or a Counselor is great too. I wish you all the best. Maybe give us some more info on what you were abusing or had abused in the past.
We do have a few of us that are still around who had came off this med. Hope you are still here!
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Rach...you've got 2 threads going.  I just replied to your other one.
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Good going CIK..I went into the other one to. Different heading but the same name. Ha! I did not catch that one this time. Oh well it happens all the time Rach. Maybe just stick to this one since you have a few questions.

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Sorry I just joined yesterday. .didn't mean to confuse anyone. I've been on methadone for 1 year. My highest dose was 100 that was at their urging and it was too much. I the stayed at 70 for a few months before beining a taper. I began with 1mg a day took breaks when necessary and once at 35 began every other day taper until now. My anxiety has been bad for 1 week now and I'm having major trouble sleeping. Its hard to be motivated when I feel like this.
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Goodnight everyone. Thanks for the support.
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For further backstory..in my early twenties I began with pills which graduated to heroin. Only snorted never iv'd it. I then paired cocaine with the dope which lead to crack. Total heroin addiction with occasional suboxone programs and brief sobriety for 6 years. The crack really ruined my like in fast forward paired with the dope. I've never been more grateful than to the staff at my clinic. They didn't let me get away with anything, and saved my life. it took me about 3 months in the program before quitting illicit drugs but I did it with their help. And thank God I did because life is worth living and I can see by the strides I've made I'm getting my life back. Now I just hope w/d on methadone isn't too brutal.
Thanks for caring.
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