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Let's take Roll Call for Feb-2016

Have not seen Roll Call being put in for a few months..SO here we go!
For anybody new, this is where we put in our clean time. Even if you just started out or just took the leap, let us know. I sure hope the older-timers come in with there clean time too!!

My name is Vickie and I have..

1,226 days clean from Street Drugs to Prescription (addicting) Meds.

4,314 days away from the Bar Stool or any kind of Booze.
Cut way, way, back on the Cigs..Still working on that one. Hugs!!!

Just take each day as they come. JUST FOR TODAY I WILL NOT USE!!!!
I do, try my best NOT to live in the past and worry about the future.
Need that Support or I would of not made it even this far! It works if you work it!!
Many Thanks to my MH Friends who have Supported me too.
Bless U ALL!!!
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3 years & 1 month ago, I never imagined I'd be saying I'm clean. I also would never have been able to fathom the radical changes  I've undergone in perception, thought & approach. The work continues (always) & it's a gift -- a great gift. The uncertainty, the pain, the constant change, the challenges have born fruit in ways I never could have anticipated. For me it's been about surrendering certain things & ideas, finding out who I actually am, learning to build a healthier relationship with myself & learning to set boundaries.

Congratulations to everyone for every minute of every day. Kudos for navigating all that doubt, pain & restlessness. Life is Beautiful. Thanks Vic :)
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Hi all! Still hanging around here. I'm 135 days from a suboxone taper. Not sure exactly how many years since oxycodone but its years! Proud to be here today :)
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Made the decision last night to stop letting these little green pills run my life! I just want to be me again. Trying the taper method first. If I am unsuccessful, I am ready to seek treatment at a facility. Telling my family I had a problem was the hardest part. I could use some prayers. Crohn's patient with constant pain, but I would rather feel the physical pain than the ball n chain pain I feel with these little fu*****. I want to get better!
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ruin not run!
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My name is Ben and I have not taken any opioids for 14.5 Mercurian years.
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almost 4 years clean and still cannot believe it!

If it was not for this forum and my doctor I would never be able to have said that.  

I have been away for awhile.  Life sorta took a busy turn.  I plan on coming back more often.  I have really missed a lot of you all.
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I am just shy of 8 yrs clean off pills and anything else i could get my grubby little fingers on.

I am 5048 days sober from alcohol.  I was a slave to that whiskey bottle.,

I am now a functioning adult, a mom and even better grandma to 3 beautiful babies, 14,5 and 6 months.  Getting clean was the best thing i ever did.  It has been alot of work getting to know me but oh so worth it.  I work my recovery the minute my feet hit the floor.  Aftercare has been vital in my life.  As one amazing man has always told me.....Always keep your Guard Up~
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Checking in...2 years, 1 month clean! Attend N/A mtgs regularly and i try to help others to find what i have found. There was an uneasiness that i always seemed to carry with me when not using...that is soooo much less now that to me, its not worth going back. Being able to put down that baggage if bricks was a miracle. Have learned alot about myself....and am looking forward to learning more.
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Hi im greatful to be here greatful to be clean  a big congrats for all on this list we all do this just for today  so im 2298 days clean from opiets and 55 months off benso.....I also work the N/A progam and recamend it to all trying to do this...just know all we go threw to get here is so so worth it............................Gnarly.................................
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Congrats everyone!!
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Never seen a roll call here, but I'm only 92 days ct off  ms contin. The fatigue sucked for 2 weeks but I've since felt better than I have in a long time! Glad I found this site. The info I read here in the beginning took away my anxiety. Thank you to those who keep this forum active!
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Only 92 days??!!  You claim those days loud and proud!  92 days is fantastic!!
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It is NOT easy, but SO worth it in the long run. Ha! That reminds me of the Eagles song.."In the Long Run". It ended up not being worth the damge that can come along with Addiction and in MANY ways!!

I know MH has SO many more that had stayed clean or are working at it. Come on in!!!
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The Eagles song that always comes to mind is Already Gone.......so often time it happens, that we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the key......lalalalala
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Hi, y'all (I'm from New York, don't know why I said "y'all"), 19   and 1/2 months clean aka 1 year & 7 1/2 months clean. Would be absolutely impossible w/o meetings and the program. Come on, newbies, we want to hear from you!
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Hi everyone!  I'm 1173 days clean off opiates.  So happy to be able to say that!  To all the newbies, just hang in there...it's so worth the struggle you are going thru now!  So don't give up, you will be feeling much better soon!  
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Hi everyone!  I'm Karen....421 off of opiates, 494 off of booze and 152 and 62 off of psych meds!  I include them cause even though I wasn't abusing them they were a BEAR to come off of!!  Never want to do any of that ever again!!!
The key for me has been aftercare!  It teaches me how to live right and find a purpose in life!  I NEVER would have made it this long without it!!
Congrats to everyone!  Every day is day One and everyday is a miracle!!!   ♡
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15 months
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just started here. I posted but no one answered. I am just trying to go hrs wo those vicodin -not even days. I take 3 to 4 a day but now a terrible depression is setting in. Never in my life did I think this could happen. I took them to ease night back tingling and couldn't sleep. I needed more and then this depression. I almost feel hopeless even though I have  FANTASTIC HUSBAND- He can't really help with any magic. I really wish i knew where to start. I try to get through the depression now through the day-  without taking more than 1/2- so horrid.- I never took it for a high-just relief. next week getting spine shots-ugg- praying that will be a start.
Sorry...start a new thread and people will respond. Sometimes it's slow here.
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Hi everyone!!  Well, I just reached the 7 year mark!!  I still can't believe I've made it this far. It hasn't been easy, but it's a battle worth fighting!  Good luck to all who are struggling and a big congrats on all y'all's clean time!!
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5 months off opiates
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I haven't been on here in a long time and wanted to check in.  I'm 1,955 days clean from Suboxone!
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1 year without opiates.
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Hey Angels! I miss you all so much.  894 days.....2 years, 5 months and few days off of opiates after a 27 year ridiculous, embarrassing addiction.  No benzos for 14 months......no alcohol for 1month; random sneaking when hub pished me off....(hangs head and kicks dirt in shame)......gonna quit cigs again (4th time since joining MH, le smokey sigh.). Seriously considering quitting weed.....seems it may be holding me back...this will be hard.

Learning a lot......omg,.,,learning so much about myself and all the "selfs" who invade my "space".  Not always pretty but definitely a higher state of consciousness that can't be expressed to the unknowing drug saturated mind.  Thankyou Cheese! Thankyou MH angel friends!  Ima try to be around more.  ((((8))))
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