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Letting all know im good

Hello all just a little note to say Im doing well 3days will be 5mnths clean It seems alot of the people I talk to are gone thats ok so am I , have found hearing all the stories makes me upset and my cravings seem to get worse but Im well and enjoing my life that I have back going out to movies and concerts things I loved to do before all the drugs to all that are going through the battle trust me it is worth it keep working on it!!! Thanks to all you guys for kind words when I needed them and hopefully helped a few people  Good Luck to all of you
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I've been here three weeks and I saw a few of your posts...I can only hope I make it to 5 mos.  Just you posting that today has helped many I'm sure just to let us know this can be done. I'm on day 22 and feeling pretty good about that.  I do think reading these posts can be difficult (cravings) but also shows me that I don't want to go backwards and maybe I can help someone go forward!

Enjoy getting your life back and congratulations...you are an inspiration to me!
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