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Lidocaine patches; Are they addictive?

Has anyone other than me heard of lidocaine patches and are they addictive? I used them for a couple of years for my knee and back and they worked great. But I never thought about the possiblity of addiction and can't find any info if they are.
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I don't believe they are. It's a local anesthetic. The same stuff the dentist uses to numb your mouth. Not certain, but do believe they are not addictive.
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I wonder if they make them in full body patches? I could really use a big, big patch right now.
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I'm so glad you posted this.  I want to get some of them for my back muscle spasms.  I've had the injections and they help-they don't help for too long, but they did offer relief...although, I was on painkillers too, so we'llhave to see what they do on their own.
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yeah flmagi... like a lidocaine suit or something.... Just zip it up... Kinda like a wet suit but a lidocaine suit!  
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lotsatrout...good idea...you ought to get a patent....lidocaine suit...i like that!!!

...My educated guess says it is not addictive!!!...and we know where my educated guesses have gotten me before!!!  LOL
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they r not addictive i know from personal expirience....i have used them for yrs and still do....i can either use them or not doesnt make me sick if i dont and i know thats what worries us the most lol......have u tried doan's back pain relief?....they work pretty good for me and i have alot of back issues.....they dont kill all the pain but makes it bearable...make sense? lol....love u magi and hope ur feeling better soon....hows the sub working for ya? god bless u sweetie
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Lidocaine suit????? Didn't we get clean so we wouldn't feel numb? LOL Lidocaine is not addictive to my knowledge.
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LOL I will be the first to try the lidocaine suit. Let me know when it comes out.
I have to tell you why I'm in such pain right now.
Picture this or better yet try it  LOL:
sit on the floor, spread your legs apart as far as they will go, then bend over so your face is as close to the floor as possible,  now hold this position for about 6 hours and repeat everyday for 2 weeks.  This has been my job for the last 2 weeks, painting a rug on a floor.  ouch, ouch, ouch
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My Ex used to love that position.........lol
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My wife has a couple prescriptions worth of lidocaine patches that she's not going to use, long story. Since the idea of a lidocaine suit came up, I asked her if I could put them all over her to see what would happen. She said no, sometimes she is just no fun at all. LOL
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