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yesterday stopped vicodent after a year of use and switched to tramadol/aceph.
I still feel like I am on vicodent! Was it a bad idea to switch drugs??
what do I do now, afraid of detoxing and thought tramadol would be better to use
then the vicodent, now I am not so sure! Should i just go cold turkey tomorrow?
Do not want to tell pain management Dr. that I am trying to ween off these drugs.
At least not yet, kind of want to store them up for an emergency, but not be
dependent on them. I feel like my thinking is all screwed up and damn if my
throat is not killing me. Are these pills turning me phyco? HELP PLEASE!
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tramadol is highly addicting as well and trust me when I say the wd from tramadol is worse .I would NOT contue to take them .How much hydro where you taking ?
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thanks for answering me. I was taking 4-5 a day, mostly sticking to the 4 allowed.
I thought I was doing a good thing by switching to the tramadol. But I actually
feel stoned! Sometimes I am not sure if some of my pain and symptoms are
being caused by the pain relievers or the actual injury. I admit, I am getting
confused. Tomorrow should I go back to the vicodent for pain? Maybe I can
just cut back and see what happens?
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I would taper right off the hydro .... start at 4 drop on pill a week this will help limt your wd and make it much gentle to come off of
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Hey, Good idea to quit now before you really mess up your life. Many have posted terrible things about Tramadol. Both these drugs are for acute (short term) pain. They stop working and can eventually make the pain worse if used for chronic pain. I just used to use....didn't have any pain. After I stopped I had significant pain in places where only minor pain existed. If you detox expect this. Your body wants the meds to do the work but it will subside. Get Ibuprophin or Flexeril if it helps. Good luck in your recovery. God bless, Corey
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I have flexeril, but haven't used it. I did wake up at 4 this morning and took a
Tramadol. Damn, now I could kick myself!  Do not want to mixed drugs, so
I guess I will have to start over again tomorrow. Last month I asked by pain
magagement Doc to lower the dosage of vicodent and he didn't - he wanted to
know why he should! Anyway, it was at that point I realized I need to to this
myself. Tomorrow will stop Tramadol and switch back to vicodent and try
breaking the pills in half. I am having severe arm/neck pain and have a multiple
surgeries, but now my legs are hurting too. Saw my surgeon yesterday and he
wants to send me to his collegeague, however they do not accept my insurance.
This is in NYC, they are supposed to be the best, so will have to see how to
pay for it!
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