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Lizzie Lou

I have been praying for Christian and for you also. I hope you will be able to be with him during and after the biopsy. I have not read any other posts yet because I have been thinking of you. Please know that I pray that the biopsy will come out benign. You are such a wonderful mother and your sons are very lucky to be Blessed with you.
Thinking of you,
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thank you soooo much...you are so sweet...said alot of prayers and have everything crossed that i can cross...hope it doesn't take very long to get report back...i'm a wreck.

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Just wanted to say that I am hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that what your son have is nothing serious, you have been through enouh already. Stay strong and keep posting, everyone is here for you.
(Hope you saw my post under the post "ALL" you sent yesterday)
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Thanks for the hug, I needed one this morning. I am sending a big hug to you too!! When I talk to my brother today I will have him and his "prayer warriors" pray for Christian.
Take care of yourself too!
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