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Howdy Neighbor, how are you doing? I 'm good mad as hell at my 12 y.o. son for betting on a basketball game but anyways Hey I read in one of the post one of your children is HIV*, I hope he is doing well and my prayers are with you . lot of love keri
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hey girl...yep...my 29 year old tested positive a little over a month ago.   he is a crystal meth addict but is doing awesome (so far)...been clean over two months now and has a fantastic attitude about recovery AND living with HIV.   he is getting great treatment at UAB and will have to start on meds. next month.

he is actually getting married june 1st...this date is special to us.  it is my mom and dad's anniversary date...my father passed away last may.   his g/f is so freaking awesome! ! !   she loves him regardless of the HIV and wants to be with him...how lucky is he?   so far she has tested neg. but she has one more test to go.

my son simon is a math wizard.   for some reason this helps him with his poker "skills".   he plays texas hold em' and makes a killing...hehe.   his summer break, after his junior year, he started playing alot...and i mean alot...pretty much every night.   this kid was bringing in around 4-5 hundred dollars a week...i'm not exaggerating either.   he is 19 years old and has already saved $6,000.00 from playing poker...he is always having to float me a quick loan...lol...and of course he charges me interest.

so good to hear from you...i'll be coming that way soon.


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the smartest people in the world are usually addicts./alkies my sister is a genius and she's an addict.  But it sounds like your all doing awesome and I think I just found out what my vice or what his addiction will be --gambling lol How did your son become HIV?
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well...we are really not sure as to "how".   it was either unprotected sex...which he did alot of while high on meth...or...maybe from all the prison tattoos he has.   he did not shoot meth. and he is not bisexual...so it had to come from one of the two mentioned above.   so far...one of the girls he contacted has tested positive but who knows who gave it to whom. ????  there are many more yet to hear from.

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